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Centre of Expertise for Talent Development

The Centre of Expertise for Talent Development and advises how talent can best be identified, selected and developed.

We focus on talent development in the broadest sense: in sports, education, government, culture, and business. In these fields, we advise trainers, coaches, managers, teachers, and other professionals in work talent development.

Our expertise :

  1. Scientific knowledge about theories and methods to identify, select and develop talent across various performance domains: sports, music, arts, education, and other professions.
  2. Scientific knowledge about theories and intervention methods to talent , focused on psychological factors such as performance motivation, performance under pressure, resilience, and psychological momentum.
  3. Skills and knowledge to develop, implement, monitor, and critically evaluate policies aimed at talent development.
  4. Knowledge about methodologies, statistical analyses, and assessment instruments across various domains to , select , and evaluate talent.
  5. Knowledge about observation and analysis of talented behaviour, for example by behavioural observation or narratives.
  6. Knowledge about the profession of coaching and interventions to stimulate talented behaviour across various domains.
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