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Call for Papers for KNAW Colloquium and Masterclass (deadline 15 april)

02 April 2015

Texts and textual analysis are still a much discussed topic in social and cultural research. Foundational arguments on textual analysis have contested the role of language and logocentric expressions, however the study of religious cultures seems to be strongly text-coded, and indeed the study of and on texts has always been crucial in the academic research and teaching of religion.

Up to date scholarship have, however, discussed ‘text’ predominantly within one specific religious tradition, with the effect that ‘text’ has been debated within the boundaries of one religious identity and not from an inter-religious and inter-cultural perspective. Furthermore, texts have been assessed only seldom through an interdisciplinary perspective that sets the ‘textual’ in relation and dispute with the ‘extra-textual’ (such as rituals and material culture).

KNAW Colloquium. Making Sense of Religious Texts: Patterns of Agency, Synergy and Identity

On 27-29 October 2015, the Colloquium will gather scholars in different fields and working on texts and with texts, in order to provoke a debate on textuality that goes across religious traditions and academic disciplines. More information about application and registration for this colloquium can be found in the pdf below.

KNAW Masterclass. Textual Diversity in Context.

On 30 October 2015, the Masterclass Textual Diversity in Context will be held at The Trippenhuis, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), Amsterdam. More information about application and registration for this masterclass can be found in the pdf below.

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