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Student Support

Student Administration Desk (SSE)

The staff of the SSE provides support to the teaching organization and the students. SSE staff includes academic advisors, programme coordinators, exchange coordinators, time tablers and the student administration. The Student Administration Desk is located in the Bernoulliborg and can be visited by students to (for example):

  • receive information about educational programmes;
  • receive help with study-related problems
  • deliver relevant forms;
  • obtain a certified academic transcript;
  • ask about the administration of grades and degree certificates;
  • discuss problems with enrollments in ProgressWWW;
  • obtain information about studying abroad.

Academic Advisor

Academic advisors assist students in finding solutions to any problem encountered while studying. This includes matters like the choice of degree programme, study pace or an improvement in study methods. Your academic advisor can provide you with programme-specific information. The academic advisor will always try to help you, or direct you to somebody who can. However, it is up to the student to contact the academic advisor.

In case you encounter study delay due to extraordinary circumstances or personal problems, we strongly advise you to discuss these matters as soon as possible with an academic advisor; not only will you receive help from an independent expert, you may also be eligible for financial compensation from the Graduation Fund. Conversations with an academic advisor are always 100% confidential; an academic advisor will never talk about your personal issues with lecturers, parents, etc. For short questions, you can visit the open office hours. If you believe you need more time than 10 minutes, you can make an appointment via an online booking website with the academic advisor of your degree programme.

Studying with a functional impairment or health issues

If you suffer from a physical or mental disability (functional impairment) or health problems, this may have consequences for your ability to study well. Examples are blindness, deafness, autism, dyslexia, AD(H)D, a chronic illness, psychological problems, acting as an informal caregiver, etc. If you have such an impairment, your studies may take more time and require greater effort but this need not bar you from completing a degree programme. The University of Groningen has various arrangements and facilities for students with a functional impairment. To make use of these facilities, it is very important that you contact your academic advisor first, to discuss the issue as soon as possible. He/she can direct you to the right people to arrange facilities, and assist you in applying for exam facilities to the Board of Examiners, which is necessary in order to have the facilities granted.

Student Service Centre (SSC)

The Student Service Centre is the student counseling expertise centre of the UG. The student-counsellors, psychologists and trainers work together to provide an integrated package of student support with the aim of helping students with their studies. The Student Service Centre offers UG-students support on: study skills, study delay, psychological problems, studying with a functional impairment, financial matters and legislation and regulation. They can prevent or remove possible impediments to your study progress so that you can develop fully during your time at university.

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