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Floating Future project granted by NWO

11 July 2023

How can we ensure that our densely populated country remains liveable? There is a growing demand for space for housing, industry, energy transition, and food production in the Netherlands. Approximately 60% of our country's land is vulnerable to floods, and climate change is intensifying the threats posed by rising sea levels and river discharges. But aside from risks, the water is also opening opportunities for new forms of safe use of space: large-scale floating construction work. The Floating Future research programme investigates from the perspective of governance, technology, and ecology how we can make floating buildings possible on a large scale and how socially acceptable such a project would be. We develop floating climate-adaptive perspectives for the hinterland (IJmeer), harbour cities, and the North Sea.

The Faculty of Spatial Sciences is part of the consortium of Floating Future. Dr. Margo van den Brink, prof. Ina Horlings, prof. Jos Arts and dr. Britta Restemeyer are involved in the project

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