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Jouke van Dijk awarded Royal Decoration during farewell lecture
Posted on:15 September 2022

On Thursday 15 September 2022, Prof. Jouke van Dijk was awarded a Royal Decoration on the recommendation of the University of Groningen.

De kloof tussen arm en rijk: Vermogensongelijkheid in de Veenkoloniën
Posted on:07 July 2022

Wat opvalt is dat de vermogensongelijkheid het grootst is in gemeenten waar veel armoede is. Daarnaast is de vermogensongelijkheid in het gebied de afgelopen jaren groter geworden.

The vulnerability of the ‘cappuccino city’
Posted on:28 June 2022

Deserted city centres, drained of all life by COVID-19 and lockdowns. Urban geographer Martin Boisen wrote a blog post about it in the middle of the second wave of the pandemic. A tragic, even melancholy image, that he believes should give us pause: ‘How can it be that some city centres are so deserted when there are no visitors? Tourism promotes liveliness, but it also has the power to quell all other forms of liveliness.’ How did this happen? And can we still turn the tide?

Two cum laude PhDs in one day at Spatial Sciences
Posted on:20 June 2022

On Monday 20 June, both theses that were defended at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences were assessed cum laude. A unique event for the faculty; cum laude twice in one day has never happened before.

Jouke van Dijk wins prestigious Hirotada Kohno Award for Outstanding Service for the RSAI
Posted on:07 June 2022

The prize is awarded annually to a member of the RSAI who has made long and outstanding contributions to the organization of Regional Science and to the development and management of RSAI at the International and/or Supra-Regional.

Sierdjan Koster appointed as professor in Economic Geography and Labour Market Dynamics
Posted on:31 May 2022

The Faculty of Spatial Sciences is pleased to announce that Dr. Sierdjan Koster has been appointed as professor in Economic Geography and Labour Market Dynamics. As of September 2022, he will also take on the position of chair of the Economic Geography department.

In the spotlight: Aletta Jacobs professors - Prof. Louise Meijering
Posted on:30 May 2022

The second episode features Professor of Health Geography Louise Meijering. She leads a research programme on the wellbeing of elderly people in relation to mobility and place attachment. In the future, she would like to conduct a long-term study with underprivileged groups to investigate the mechanisms that put and keep these individuals in marginalized positions.

Uit het Moeras: familieverhalen uit de Veenkoloniën
Posted on:12 April 2022

Hoe een gesprek tien jaar geleden tussen de Faculteit Ruimtelijke Wetenschappen van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen en welzijnsorganisatie Tinten tot maatschappelijk relevant onderzoek, vruchtbare samenwerking tussen een veelheid van organisaties, en een tentoonstelling van materiaal van een journalist en een kunstenaar leidde.

How migration, families, and life courses are interrelated
Posted on:04 April 2022

Helga de Valk has been interested in the lives of young people since her student days. Over the years, this interest has broadened to include how migration, families and life courses are interrelated. She is now Professor of Migration and Life Course and Director of the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI).

The Young Academy Groningen welcomes seven new members
Posted on:31 March 2022

The Young Academy Groningen welcomes seven new members

Appointment Dr. Anet Weterings to the special chair Regional and Circular Economic Development
Posted on:14 March 2022

The Faculty of Economics and Business is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Anet Weterings to the special chair Regional and Circular Economic Development. This chair is a joint initiative of FEB, the Faculty of Spatial Sciences and the three northern provinces: Drenthe, Friesland, Groningen. The provinces are subsidizing this chair, as the theme of Regional Economic Development and Circular Economy is high on the Provincial agenda. The chair will be established at the C.R. Rao Foundation.

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