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NEURUS (master students)

The NEURUS programme (Network on European and US Regional and Urban Studies) offers for a select group of students a combination of different methods of studying: a distance learning course (as preparation for an exchange in the United States), a stay of 4 to 5 months in the United States (where you work on your master thesis, participate in a research seminar and take courses which are free to choose), and a research seminar in Europe as an addition to the master thesis you are writing in the Netherlands.


The Neurus programme is a partnership between 10 universities: 6 in Europe, 3 in the United States and 1 in South Korea. The European students go in the second semester to the United States. De students from the United States come in the first semester to Europe.

Purpose of the programme

The purpose of the programme is the creating of the possibility of a transatlantic, comparative research project with a spatial theme. The students of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences reach this goal by preparation beforehand (a distance learning course), doing research in the United States (a so called 'NEURUS independent research'), participation in two seminars (one in Europe and one in the US), and doing a final year project in the Netherlands.

Components of the programme

Ideally students take part in the NEURUS programme in their master, with a preparation that is a distance learning course. The different components are:

  1. A distance learning course “United States Urban and Regional Planning”: a course that prepares the selected students for the broad policy of city and regional planning in the US. Students will have to write papers based on the literature they receive and writing assignments. |This course is 5 EC.
  2. A stay in the United States from January until May (the exact duration depends on the destination), where students work on the NEURUS independent research project, which is essentially the master thesis (20 EC), and participate in the NEURUS research seminar in April:
    1. NEURUS independent research: a individual research project on the theme of the master thesis, under the guide of a staff member of one of the NEURUS partner universities. A student can decide to work only on the master thesis.
    2. Participation in the NEURUS research seminar, where all the students participating in the NEURUS programme come together and present their research proposals and their progress. The staff members of the NEURUS partner universities are also at this seminar. For the rest the seminar consists of introductions and excursions.

    Students from the Faculty of Spatial Sciences can take one course of 5 EC at the university they visit if they choose so.

  3. In the first semester in Europe there is also a NEURUS Research Seminar.

More information about NEURUS. You can also contact Paul van Steen.

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