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Practical information and student experiences

The information you can find about the exchange programs at foreign universities differs a lot. Some universities have a very extensive website and sent printed information on a regular base to their foreign partners, while others have almost no information available. The number of students from the Faculty of Spatial Sciences that study abroad differ much also per location. Every student has to turn in an experience report when they return that contains practical information. For much visited universities there are more of these reports available, then the universities that are visited less. This does not mean that the less visited universities don’t have useful information and are not interesting! At such universities they will give you very detailed information if you give them a very clear request for information.

The student experience reports of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences are available on Nestor. Paul van Steen can add you to this course. More general information about studying abroad is available at the University Student Desk and the Student Service Centre. These websites may also be helpful: and .

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