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Grant 'Groninger Universiteits Fonds'

The 'Groninger Universiteits Fonds' (English: Groningen University Fund), for short GUF, gives out grants to University of Groningen students participating in a student exchange programme. The procedures and conditions are explained on the website of the GUF:

Students can send their application directly to the GUF no later than 6 weeks before the start of your exchange programme. It is recommended to hand in the form 3 months before a student intends to leave. In January 2017, the GUF has tightened it's conditions for students to receive a grant for studying abroad. Bachelor students must have an average in their bachelor program of at least 7.5, master students must have an average in their bachelor program of at least 7.5,and master students applying for the so-callend 'GUF scholarship for excellent students' must have completed their bachelor program with an average of at least 7.5 and must have an average of at least 8.0 in their master program. (Note: always check the GUF website for the latest conditions and procedures!).

The grant application for the GUF has to include a short adhesion statement by an academic staff member of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences. This could be the coordinator of the education (master, bachelor) or another teacher. The statement could contain (in Dutch):

Ondergetekende, docent/coördinator van de opleiding ... aan de Faculteit der Ruimtelijke Wetenschappen, ondersteunt het voornemen van [naam student] om voor een periode van [x] maanden te studeren in [land] van harte. Het voorgenomen studieverblijf vormt een interessante/uitdagende/passende/etc. op het Groninger studieprogramma van deze student. Ik heb [naam student] leren kennen als een....

and then some more individual qualifications. The adhesion statement does not need to be long - half a page of text is fine.

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