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Erasmus LLLP scholarship

Students that visit a European partner university (that is a partner in the Erasmus LLLP, Life Long Learning Programme), can obtain an Erasmus scholarship. This scholarship will be only paid out once to a student. As soon as you are accepted by Paul van Steen for an exchange programme you can obtain the Erasmus scholarship. You will get more information about the procedure at that time. You have to among other things, sign a contract, hand in a report afterwards and a form: declaration of receiving the Erasmus scholarship.

Students that go abroad get 70% of the Erasmus scholarship before leaving. Upon return, when a student has met all the requirements, the last 30% will be paid.

How high the scholarship is depends on how long a student is spending time abroad, and the costs of living in the specific country. There are 3 categories of countries: expensive countries (scholarship 270 Euro per month), medium expensive countries (210 Euro) and less expensive countries (150 Euro).

You can go on exchange for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 10 months.

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