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Financial affairs

It depends on where you go on exchange what the costs will be for traveling and accommodation and what the living expenses will be. You can have a certain income in the form of a scholarship.


Studying abroad costs money. You need to account for the following expenses:

  • Travel costs: from Groningen to your destination, local travel costs (for example between your residence and the campus) and field trips to other cities and regions.
  • Accomodation costs: often higher costs than in the Netherlands because of furnished rooms with all facilities.
  • Living expenses: in some countries the price for products is higher and there are cultures where eating out is normal.
  • Insurance costs
  • Study expenses: books, study material, often there are costs for sport facilities, the library and computer use. If you go to a partner university you don't have to pay tuition.


You could also have some income when you study abroad:

  • Your study financing from DUO will continue. You can also get an advance of your monthly payments from DUO if you are on exchange.
  • You can hand in your 'OV jaarkaart' when you are abroad
  • If it is possible you can sublet your room in Groningen. We expect students from the Faculty of Spatial Sciences that they give preference to students who come here on exchange for subletting their room. There is always a shortage of rooms for foreign exchange students, especially in the first semester.
  • You can get a scholarship: for Europe you can get a scholarship from the Socrates-Erasmus programme. For all destinations you can get a Marco Polo scholarship.
  • You can get a contribution from the Stichting Groninger Universiteitsfonds (GUF).
  • You can try to get a private funding. For more information you can go to the SSC (Student Service Centre).
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