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Exchange options: where can you go?

"The world is at your feet". Where can you go to study abroad? The Faculty of Spatial Sciences has arranged several exchange programs with foreign universities in Europe and the University of Groningen outside of Europe. It pays of to go to a university we have an arrangement with (partner university) because it saves you time and money, and it is less difficult. The arrangements say how many students can go to a university and how long they can stay. There are also agreements about the application procedure, the acknowledgement of credits, the accommodation for visiting students, the access to facilities and the payment of tuition. As an exchange student you don't have to pay tuition for a partner university as long as you are a registered student at the University of Groningen.

You can participate in an exchange program within the Faculty of Spatial Sciences, the University of Groningen, or if you want universities with which we don't have an arrangement.

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