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Registration for courses of Spatial Sciences

Registration for all courses via Progresswww is compulsory. The registration period for the Faculty of Spatial Sciences starts 4 weeks before and closes 5 days before the start of the lecture period, as you can see in this overview . Please notice that when you are taking a course at another faculty the registration period can be different!

Registration periods for courses

4 weeks before the semester starts Progresswww is open for course registration, until 5 working days before the semester starts. For semester 1a the registration is open until the first week of classes. Please register for your courses in these periods:

  • semester 1a: 13 August until 7 September 2018
  • semester 1b: 15 October until 4 November 2018
  • semester 2a: 7 January until 27 January 2019
  • semester 2b: 18 March until 7 April 2019

Register for your courses on time! There is one late registration moment in the week after the registration period is closed. You have to report in person at the Student Support Desk for this late registration. The announcement for this moment will be on the Student Portal. If you are not registered you cannot take the course. The lecturer cannot register you. So do not wait for this moment en register during the regular registration period! There is no late enrollment moment for semester 1a, because the registration is open until the first week of class.

The late enrollment moment for semester 2b is on April 12, 2019 from 12 until 12.30 pm at Student Support Desk FSS (5417.0034). Please bring your studentcard and know for which courses you want to be enrolled. You can't be enrolled for courses that are full.

Are you a master student outside of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences? You might be excluded from enrolling for a master course. Contact the Education Office ( if you want to enroll for a master course as a not Spatial Sciences master student.

Weeks to check your exam enrollments

For every course there are two exam possibilities. The resits take place in the start of the next semester, except in semester 2b. You will be registered for your exams on the first day of week 5 of the semester. You will also be registered automatically for the resits.

In the following weeks you can check your exam enrollments. Progress is open in these weeks to enroll for exams that are missing and deregister for exams you are not taking. A few days before this week you will receive an email and a message in Progress for which exams you have been enrolled.

  • semester 1a: 1 October t/m 7 October 2018
  • semester 1b: 10 December t/m 16 December 2018
  • semester 2a: 4 March t/m 10 March 2019
  • semester 2b: 13 May t/m 19 May 2019

Extra resit

The Exam Committee has the policy that there are no extra resits. Sometimes an exception is made. This is the case when there are unforeseen, uncontrollable personal circumstances that lead to a considerable study delay (more than a half year). This can occur in case of illness, special needs or family matters. These circumstances need to be reported to the study advisor as soon as possible: they should be known already. The loss of time and financial consequences are not accepted as reasons.

When you think you have a right to an exception, please follow these two steps:

1. Confer with the study advisor. When the study advisor agrees with you:
2. Send a letter to (the Exam Committee attn. dr. ir. E.W. (Erik) Meijles). Explain your circumstances that merit an exception.

Asking a lecturer directly is pointless. A lecturer needs permission from the Exam Committee to make an exception.

Entry requirements

There are entry requirements for some courses. You can only register for these courses when you have met these requirements (an exception is made for pre-master students):

  • Statistics 2 after passing Statistics 1
  • Bachelor’s Project after obtaining your Propedeuse and Geographic Information Systems and Methods of Academic Research and Statistics 2

Admission to a master programme

You are admissible with a bachelor degree in Human Geography and Spatial Planning and Design to the master programmes of Spatial Sciences.

Please note that you are only admissible when you have finished your bachelor degree or pre-master programme. You can start your master on September 1 or February 1. Only in exceptional cases can you enroll at another time. You can contact the study advisor for this.

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