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Honours College at Spatial Sciences

What is it?

The honours college provides talented and motivated students with small-scale, challenging programs in order to offer the best opportunities to use and develop their talents to the very best of their abilities. Students follow extra Honours courses to a total of 45 EC (bachelor honours) or 15 EC (master honours) as an addition to their regular bachelor or master program.

Bachelor honours program

The bachelor honours program consist of a disciplinary part (advanced spatial sciences) of 25 EC and a broadening part (20 EC). The disciplinary part focuses on new and challenging ideas in geography, planning and demography. The number of students participating in the courses averages about 10, so you work in a tutorial setting with your teacher. The broadening part contains courses on academic skills, courses in other disciplines that you follow together with students from other faculties, and a connected Summer School on location (e.g. in New York, or on a boat on the Wadden Sea). The maximum number of students participating in broadening modules is 25.

Are you interested in the honours programme for bachelor Spatial Sciences students? On Thursday February 16 at 11.00 am in the 'Blauwe Zaal' the faculty organizes an information meeting about the Honours College for bachelor student TP and SG&P. Feel free join this meeting to find out if the programme is for you!

Master’s honours program

The master’s honours programme focuses on the theme of leadership. You participate in theoretical as well as practical debates and activities to better understand what leadership is and can be, and how to become engaged in leadership.

You can find more information about the Honours College on the website of the University of Groningen Honours College:


  • Because this is the period of your life in which you can really develop and challenge yourself, and that is what you want to do!
  • Because you went to University to work together with other motivated and intelligent students and staff members to really understand why society works as it does, and how we might change it.
  • Because you are interested in other disciplines and skills than just your bachelor or master’s program.
  • Because you want to build a CV that really shows what your ambitions and capabilities are and that allows you to distinguish yourself in the rest of your career.
  • Because you want to develop yourself further on the theme of leadership (master’s honours).

Program and courses

Bachelor honours program

Spatial sciences part:

  • Ground breaking Ideas in Spatial Sciences . In this module you discuss a number of key publications about breakthrough ideas from the various disciplines within the faculty.
  • Spatial-temporal movement patterns . In this course you dive into the analysis of the way human beings move through space and time. You will work with GIS, GPS trackers, Big Data and/or other techniques that develop so quickly these days.
  • Planningproject Analysis concerns the analysis of a spatial planning project on location, normally abroad. In the past we have been working in New Orleans, Chicago, Hong Kong, and Detroit, but for financial reasons in the future we will probably have to choose cheaper locations. This course is taught once every 2 years, for 2 cohorts of honours students together.
  • Perspectives for the Spatial Sciences. This course tries to develop ideas on the future of human geography, planning and demography. It may be speculative and innovative, but at the same time reflective.
  • Ethics and GPS tracking. You will reflect on the use and meaning of the technological developments in data collection on how people move through space. What does this mean for society, government, commercial companies, and individuals?

General Honours College part:

  • See the general honours college website and Ocasys for details on the courses offered in the general part, including the broadening modules and the Summer Schools.
Master honours programme

The program (15 EC) focuses on the theme of leadership from a variety of perspectives, both theoretical and practical. The program is flexible and in large part tailor-made by the student. It contains a series of four 1 EC Master Classes of your choice, a personal development training, a Leadership Lab, and a concluding Masterwork. Assessment is through a portfolio that the students build up over the year.

How to enroll?

Bachelor honours program

After semester 1b the students with the highest grades will receive an invitation to apply for the Honours College. However, other students with a strong motivation can also apply. All students who apply will be invited for an interview by the faculty Honours coordinator. The final decision to enter the program is done by the Dean of the Honours College, based on the advice of the faculty selection committee. More information about the selection procedure can be found at

Master honours program

The program starts in September and February, depending on your enrollment in your master’s program. There will be general notifications targeted at all master’s students in the faculty through Nestor and email. In contrast to the bachelor honours, there is no pre-selection. You apply through a special Nestor course, and upload material supporting your application. You will be invited for an interview by the faculty honours coordinator. The decision to enter the program is taken by the Dean of the Honours College, on the advice of the faculty selection committee. More information about the selection procedure can be found at

More information?

For more information about the honours programme you can contact the University of Groningen Honours College, or the honours coordinators of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences, dr. Terry van Dijk (masters) dr. Peter Groote (bachelors).

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