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Applying for your diploma and degree ceremony Spatial Sciences

Applying for your degree certificate

To receive your diploma after finishing your programme, you have to apply for your degree certificate by filling out the online application form:

If you want to postpone your graduation or if your programme is not correct, please contact Didy Nauta ( as soon as possible. When we don't receive notice and/or your online form within two weeks after you have passed all courses in your approved programme, you will graduate automatically. To participate in a degree ceremony you have to fill out the form before a certain date.
See the dates graduation for the ceremonies and deadlines here.

Upload your Bachelor's Project or Master's Thesis on the Student Portal

Go to the Student Portal: Organizations: FSS Evaluation and Archiving. You can upload your Bachelor's Project or Master's Thesis as soon as you have received the final mark. Here you can also find the evaluation form for the thesis and your programme. Uploading your project or thesis is obligatory, even if your project or thesis is confidential. You can make this known on the online application form.

Invitation to the degree ceremony

Three weeks before the degree ceremony you will receive an invitation. On the application form you can fill out whether you want to take part in a degree ceremony, if so we will invite you.

Bachelor degree cermonies take place twice a year. This is a group ceremony. Master degree ceremonies are individual. Per student the ceremony takes about 10 minutes. You are addressed by the chairman and the supervisor of your thesis. You don't have to be enrolled to participate in the ceremony.
See the dates graduation for the ceremonies and deadlines here.

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