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Evaluation and opportunity to comment Spatial Sciences

The Faculty of Spatial Sciences is continuously improving its education. The involvement of students is an essential part in that. They have the opportunity to comment via evaluations, programme committees and Pro Geo.

Students receive an evaluation form after every course (course evaluation) and after completing the degree programme (degree programme evaluation), which gives them the opportunity for an anonymous comment. Besides that you can comment in a different questionnaire on the teacher(s) who gave the course. Evaluation results are being published on Nestor and will be discussed by lecturers, the programme director and the programme committees. The results do influence the educational programme, so students are encouraged to use the evaluation opportunities. If students have any remarks on the evaluations, the can contact Maartje Kevenaar, staff member Management Information .

Programme committees
Every degree programme has a programme committee ( ), which consists of lecturers and students. All evaluations and other issues related to the educational programme are being discussed in these committees. The committees can give an advice to the Faculty board, based on the results of the evaluations. Students who would like to give a comment on a course or the educational programme can contact one of the student members of their programme committee. The main goal of the programme committee is to keep an eye on the quality of the educational programme and to indicate problems and to suggest possible improvements.

Pro Geo
Pro Geo is a student organisation which dedicates itself to the student interests of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences. Pro Geo is responsible for the recruitment of new programme committee student members. Students, who have any kind of comment on the education or services at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences, can contact Pro Geo. This can be done (anonymous) via the digital form at their website ( ).

If students do not agree with certain decisions, they have a couple of possibilities. In general students are encouraged to solve the difference in opinion with the other (for example the lecturer) in an informal way, with help from the study advisor if needed. If the student does not manage to solve the matter with the lecturer, and the difference in opinion is about an assessment, then the student can contact the secretary of the Board of Examiners, dr. ir. E.W. (Erik) Meijles via . If the difference in opinion is about something else than the assessment, then the student can contact the programme director or Pro Geo. If this is not sufficient, then the student can file a formal complaint via the Central Portal for the Legal Protection of Student Rights.

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