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Department of Theoretical Philosophy

Chair: Prof. dr. J.W. Romeijn
Secretary: Dr. E. Maier


Philosophy of Science, Logic, Theory of Argumentation, (Formal) Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Analytic Philosophy

Members of the Department (all members)

The Department of Theoretical Philosophy (December 2019)

Research in the Department of Theoretical Philosophy extends over a wide area: epistemology (Peijnenburg, Romeijn, Henderson), philosophy of science (Romeijn, Romero, Tamminga, Henderson), logic (Kooi, Tamminga), theory of argumentation (van Laar, Peijnenburg), philosophy of mind (Keijzer), philosophy of language (Maier), and philosophy of physics (Friederich, Henderson). The members of Theoretical Philosophy are engaged not only in the philosopher’s core business, viz. conceptual analysis and explication, but they also use methods taken from the empirical and the formal sciences. Thus philosophy of mind is intimately bound up with biology, psychology and the cognitive sciences in general, whereas philosophy of science is concerned with statistical and other methods in physics and the social sciences. Furthermore, mathematical and other formal methods are not restricted to logic, but are also employed in epistemology, philosophy of language, and argumentation theory.

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