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Research projects

Funded projects

GCMEMT's NWO-funded projects
GCMEMT's NWO-funded projects

Below you can find a list of the research projects of the Groningen Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Thought, sorted on basis of head researcher.

The Spinoza Prize Group

The Spinoza Prize Project (NWO 2016)

Han Thomas Adriaenssen

Modernity Contested. The Aristotelian Challenge to Early-Modern Science and Philosophy (NWO - Veni scheme, 2016-2019)

Tamer Nawar

Relativism in Ancient Philosophy (NWO – Veni scheme, 2016-2020)

Doina Cristina Rusu

Manipulating Spiritual Matter. How Did Early Modern Science Become Experimental? (NWO – Veni scheme, 2016-2020)

Andrea Sangiacomo

The normalisation of natural philosophy: How teaching practices shaped the evolution of early modern science (ERC Starting Grant, 2019-2024)

Occasionalism and the secularization of early modern science: Understanding the dismissal of divine action during the scientific revolution (NWO - Veni scheme, 2015-2019)

Rewriting Nature: studying the early modern scientific vocabulary in the Republic of Letters with word2vec.

Cambridge 2017
Cambridge 2017

Book projects

Socializing the Mind: Intersubjectivity in Early Modern Philosophy (2015-2017) - Martin Lenz

"Common Language" and "Common Sense" from Lorenzo Valla to Leibniz (2015-2019) - Lodi Nauta

Representation and Scepticism from Aquinas to Descartes, Cambridge 2017 - Han Thomas Adriaenssen

Oxford 2019
Oxford 2019
Edinburgh 2019
Edinburgh 2019

Spinoza and Relational Autonomy: Being with Others, Edinburgh 2019 - Aurelia Armstrong, Keith Green and Andrea Sangiacomo (eds.)

Spinoza on Reason, Passions, and the Supreme Good, Oxford 2019 - Andrea Sangiacomo 

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