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New at FEB: Academic Education Track

07 December 2021

In line with the Recognition and Rewards programme of the university, we are introducing a career trajectory focusing on teaching within our faculty. The new Academic Education Track is an important step in offering space to all of the diverse talents of our staff members. Furthermore, with this track we are committing to excellent education.

Rector Magnificus of the University of Groningen Cisca Wijmenga is enthusiastic about the plan. ‘This new career pathway fits perfectly within our Strategic Plan. It can serve as an example of how to give shape to Recognition and Rewards within the University.’

Also Professor Peter Verhoef, dean of the faculty, is delighted with this new career track. ‘As a faculty board we consider the development of the Academic Education Track as an important step in valuing the education efforts of our staff members by providing education focused staff members important career opportunities.’

Career opportunities for academic staff focusing on education

In the past decade, we implemented a tenure track emphasizing performance in research, teaching, and collegiality and collaboration. Although this tenure track devotes attention to all three domains simultaneously, in practice, top performances in research are often expected. This limits the career opportunities for academic staff who would like to excel in teaching. The new career path should bring about change to this end.

The Academic Education Track has been developed by a committee consisting of a representation of HR, the faculty board, FEB lecturers and programme and research directors. ‘I hope and expect that the Academic Education Track will contribute towards more appreciation of great teachers, and a higher quality of teaching in our faculty’, Professor Bernard Nijstad, part of the committee, says. ‘For FEB, it is very important to attract and reward talented teachers, and provide them with clear career and development opportunities’, Professor Viola Angelini, also a member of the committee, adds.

The Academic Education Track begins with an appointment as a non-tenured assistant professor, and ends with promotion to Associate Professor 2 with a permanent contract.

Commitment to excellent education

By acknowledging and rewarding excellent performance in education and by providing career opportunities for education-focused academic staff, we will continuously improve and innovate our study programmes and commit to excellent education.

Last modified:01 February 2023 4.20 p.m.

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