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Floor Rink appointed as associate editor of Academy of Management Journal

20 March 2019
Floor Rink

Floor Rink has been appointed as associate editor of Academy of Management Journal. In her role as associate editor, Floor Rink (professor in Organizational Behavior), becomes a member of the new editorial team that will determine the content of the world’s leading academic journal on management research in the upcoming three years.

Rink is pleased with her appointment, because it gives her the opportunity to help decide what type of research makes an important contribution to our field. ‘In the last few years, we have been going through a substantial transition to implement more transparent and robust research practices. Yet fundamentally new theoretical insights are often derived from innovative and unique research designs that have not been used before. Furthermore, the world in which we live and work is highly dynamic and difficult to capture. For researchers, it is highly challenging to fulfill all requirements. I therefore like to help think about the type of papers that convey these goals best, and hence, are publishable in AMJ. The editorial team can signal what the Academy of Management considers high quality research, and it is great to have the chance to fulfil this role.’

Rink will visit Cambridge at the end of May for an introduction meeting with the entire team. This meeting also marks the start of her duties as an editor.

‘Major achievement’

Peter Verhoef, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, is proud of Rink’s appointment. ‘On behalf of the Faculty Board, I would like to congratulate Floor. It is a major achievement to acquire such a position in this phase of one’s career. And it is important for our Faculty to have a professor appointed at a top journal like the Academy of Management Journal. It reflects well on our reputation and signals that our management research is at a top level. Usually, American journals appoint researchers from prestigious North American universities as editors. So, it is very special that after Gerben van der Vegt, we now have another UG researcher appointed in this position.’

Additional information

For more information, please contact Floor Rink, Professor of Organizational Behavior and Identity Management.
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