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Lecture series: The End of an Economic Era | Including critical responses by FEB’s Jochen Mierau, Nuno Palma and Greg Fuller

07 March 2017
The End of an Economic Era?

Is our economy at a tipping point? The global economy is recovering from a severe financial crisis, but new threats have emerged. Are we witnessing the end of an economic era? Studium Generale presents a lecture series featuring FEB’s Jochen Mierau, Nuno Palma and Greg Fuller. They will contribute a critical response to lectures by Stephan Kinsella, Bas van Bavel and Ann Pettifor respectively.

Stephan Kinsella & Jochen Mierau
There may be a temptation to feel like the 2007 crisis is far behind us, that the good times are here again. But there are new threats. The major one: Donald Trump’s protectionist policies.

Bas van Bavel & Nuno Palma
Market economies rise, stagnate, and decline. Are we over the tipping point towards a negative phase of the cycle?

Ann Pettifor & Greg Fuller
How can democracies reclaim control over the out-of-control finance sector so that it serves the interests of society, as well as the needs of the ecosystem?

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