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Festive Opening Academic Year @FEB: New perspectives on health and value-based healthcare | 8 September

11 August 2016
Festive Opening Academic Year FEB and EBF

On Thursday 8 September 2016 FEB students, staff, alumni and corporate organisations celebrate the opening of the FEB academic year 2016-2017. We welcome speakers on a current topic - healthcare-, we present awards to best students and lecturers, and we raise a glass to the new academic year.

Theme: New perspectives on health and value-based healthcare

Our definition of “health” is changing, not in the least due to the pioneering work of Machteld Huber, chosen as the Most Influential Person Public Health 2015. According to Huber ‘being healthy’ is a dynamic label that also fits, for instance, the chronically sick, who know how to adapt and who have taken control of their situation.

A second highly topical theme in healthcare is the weighing of costs of a treatment, medicine and aids on the one hand and the value for the patient on the other hand: value based healthcare. Vice president of the board of the UMCG and gynaecological oncologist Prof. Ate van der Zee and medical oncologist Prof. Liesbeth de Vries of the UMCG discuss the factors that must be considered.

A special ‘guest’ is Zora, the care robot who is increasingly used as an assistant for carers. Is Zora soon to be part of everyday life to keep the costs of providing care affordable and to enable people to remain independent?

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