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Most downloaded article from Science Direct written by FEB professor Verhoef | 6 FEB articles in Top 100

21 January 2015
Peter Verhoef
Peter Verhoef

A scientific article by Marketing professor Peter Verhoef of the Faculty of Economics and Business is on top of the list of 100 most downloaded articles via Science Direct (Life Sciences and Social Sciences) by Elsevier.

In total 6 articles of FEB researchers appear in the Top 100. See the top 100 articles on Elsevier

Verhoef's article 'Customer Experience Creation: Determinants, Dynamics and Management Strategies', written with co authors Katherine N. Lemon, A. Parasuraman, Anne Roggeveen, Michael Tsiros, and Leonard A. Schlesinger, appeared in the Journal of Retailing in March 2009. It was downloaded over 36,000 times. This is the highest rate of all Elsevier published articles by Netherlands-based authors.

Download the article by Peter Verhoef (available until 10 April 2015)

Leeflang: #7

In the same ranking, professor Peter Leeflang of FEB can be found in 7th place, with the article Popularity of Brand Posts on Brand Fan Pages: An Investigation of the Effects of Social Media Marketing . Downloaded over 27,500 times.

Ranks 45, 63, 79 and 86

Other FEB researchers in the Top 100:

45: prof. Paula van Veen-Dirks

Financial versus non-financial information: The impact of information organization and presentation in a Balanced Scorecard
Eddy Cardinaels, Paula M.G. van Veen-Dirks
Accounting, Organizations and Society
Vol: 35, Issue: 6, Pages 565-578
Number of downloads: 15,371

63: prof. Niels Hermes and prof. Robert Lensink

Microfinance: Its Impact, Outreach, and Sustainability
Niels Hermes, Robert Lensink
World Development
Vol: 39, Issue: 6, Pages 875-881
Number of downloads: 14,101

79: prof. Bob Fennis

You are what you wear: Brand personality influences on consumer impression formation
Bob M. Fennis, Ad Th. H. Pruyn
Journal of Business Research
Vol: 60, Issue: 6, Pages 634-639
Number of downloads: 13,162

86: prof. Albert Boonstra and prof. Hans Wortmann

Does risk management contribute to IT project success? A meta-analysis of empirical evidence
Karel de Bakker, Albert Boonstra, Hans Wortmann
International Journal of Project Management
Vol: 28, Issue: 5, Pages 493-503
Number of downloads: 12,865

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