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Customized entry package

For MSc Business Administration - Change Management

Are you a student interested in the MSc BA-Change Management, but do you not meet the requirements for direct entry? If you have studied one of the programmes below at the University of Groningen, you can be offered one of the customized Pre-Master packages:

  1. UG BSc Psychology students
  2. UG BSc Sociology students

Knowledge obtained in the BSc Sociology and BSc Psychology is highly relevant within the field of BA-Change Management. As such, you can continue your studies in the MSc BA-Change Management after completing some additional courses.

25 ECTS package in FEB or FBSS courses

We ask you to choose and complete courses (totalling 25-ECTS) that you find interesting from a list of BA-Change Management-relevant courses. These courses are taught in the Faculty of Economics and Business, as well as in the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences. You can choose your own set of courses from this list, but you have to take all your courses at only one faculty; either FEB or FBSS.

Course codes FEB
Courses at FEB (25 EC)
Choose 25 EC from:
Courses at Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences (25 EC)
Choose 25 EC from:
Organization Theory & Design for Pre-MSc (5 ECTS) OR
Management- en Organisatietheorie (5 ECTS)
Arbeids-, Organisatie- en Personeelspsychologie (5 ECTS) OR Psychology in the workplace (5 ECTS)
Strategic Management B&M (5 ECTS)
Organizational change (5 ECTS)
Human Resource Management B&M (5 ECTS)
Intergroup relations (5 ECTS)
Work Organization and Job Design (5 ECTS)
Creativity &  innovation in organizations (5 ECTS)
Organizational Change for Pre-MSc (5 ECTS) OR Organisatieverandering en Leiderschap (5 ECTS)
Conflict management (5 ECTS
Ethics and International Business (5 ECTS) OR Ethics in Business and
Management (5 ECTS) OR
Business Ethics, Sustainability
and Law (5 EC)
Consumer and economic psychology (5 ECTS)
Personnel psychology (5 ECTS
Sport and performance psychology (5 ECTS )
for HRM: Group Dynamics (5 ECTS)
for HRM: Well-being at work (5 ECTS)

You can choose to complete these courses during your BSc Sociology or Psychology programme or after you have obtained your BSc degree (with a Pre-Master enrollment). Once you have completed the 25 ECTS of BA-Change Management-relevant courses and obtained a BSc Sociology or Psychology degree, you can directly start in the MSc BA-Change Management.

For detailed course information, check the course catalogue Ocasys. Always check carefully if and when a course is offered.

Application process

Application after your non-FEB BSc

You need to apply for enrolment for the pre-MSc of your choice via Studielink and in parallel send your course list with course codes to Your application will then be processed and you can start the the customized entry package with a PreMSc enrolment. Please read the instructions for your registration in Studielink very carefully and follow the steps precisely. Once you have completed your Bachelor and your customized entry package, please register for the MSc via Studielink. You have to prove your level of mathematics (minimum of A or B) before entering the MSc programme.

Application during your non-FEB BSc

If you want to do the customized entry package during your non-FEB UG BSc, you do not have to apply through Studielink since you can do the courses as electives during your BSc. Put together your planned package and mail it to After this, you can start right away with the courses. Once you have completed your Bachelor and your customized entry package, please register for the MSc via Studielink and send an email with your final package to premsc.feb


You are responsible to arrange for a correct registration for the MSc programme in Studielink (including tuition fee payment). For RuG students, the deadline for application in Studielink for the Master programmes is August 1st for September start and January 1st for February start. You also have to register for your courses on time in progress; the deadline for  enrolment for courses closes a week before the programme starts.

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