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Bucket List: Things to do in your first month in Groningen

Date:17 August 2018
You can also pretend to row boats on the Grote Markt. Photo: ESN Groningen
You can also pretend to row boats on the Grote Markt. Photo: ESN Groningen

Our blog team has been living in Groningen for a while now, but we too were once new and overwhelmed by all the things you can do here. We thought we'd list the best things a brand-new Groninger should do in order to make your life a little bit easier. If you don't want to do all forty, just do number #1 forty times.

  1. Stay out until the sun comes up - bars in Groningen have no official closing times, so this is not only possible but is advisable at least once in your student life. The sunrise in Groningen is beautiful with a kebab in your hand
  2. Ride Bus 15 to Zernike on a Monday morning
  3. Ask a (dumb) question in one of your first lectures
  4. Climb the Martini Tower
  5. Get a bike - from the police auction, swapfiets, or a bike store around Groningen
  6. Buy a plant from IKEA - and keep it alive
  7. Find a date at the UB
  8. Go on a date to the UB
  9. Transport new furniture on a bakfiets
  10. Go out, completely forget where you parked your bike, walk home, and spend an hour the next day (with a bit of a headache) trying to find it
  11. Try an eierbal from the wall (bonus: try a fire-ball)
  12. Try kibbelling from a stand on the Vismarkt
  13. Try the wonders of Pitt beer
  14. Have a beer (or several) at the Drie Gezusters - the largest pub in Europe
  15. Have a conversation in Dutch (to help, you can check our vlogger Konrad’s tips)
  16. Attend every 9am lecture in a week (harder than it sounds)
  17. Visit the USVA and take a course in something you’ve never done before - for example improvised comedy, creative writing, or singing
  18. Join an “interesting” ACLO course
  19. Ride on the back of somebody's bike AND ride a bike with somebody on the back
  20. Fall off your bike - it’s a rite of passage
  21. Go to an FC Groningen game, a Donar game, or both
  22. Have a conversation in your first week which does not begin with “where are you from?” or “what do you study?” (basically impossible)
  23. Complain about the weather - if it is too hot, complain it is too hot. If it rains, complain that it's raining. If it is just right, complain that you can’t complain about the weather today. It’s the Dutch way
  24. Try the hot meal in every university canteen
  25. Go to the bathroom in each university building (unrelated)
  26. Take a nap in the UB
  27. Visit every bar in Groningen
  28. Get your BSN and open a bank account. Then transfer me €10 as thanks for this great blog
  29. Go to Noorderzon (if it is still going on when you arrive) or Kadepop
  30. Go to a birthday party and congratulate everybody in the room
  31. Cook your own “Stamppot” - it’s not that hard
  32. Learn some Dutch swear words - same effect can be reached by screaming the word Hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles) at the top of your lungs
  33. Play our lecture bingo
  34. Join the ESN Introduction Week!
  35. Go to a 9am lecture after a night out and sit as close to the door as possible
  36. Invent a game with your housemates like ‘True American’ from New Girl
  37. Teach a Dutch student a drinking song from your own country
  38. Learn to correctly pronounce your street name
  39. Draw a bike on a friends face if they fall asleep during a lecture (or a night out)
  40. Play a Dutch drinking game


That's as far as our suggestions go. Do you have other ideas? Let us know in the comments! 

About the author

Hey! I’m Ariana and I’m a Costa Rican student with a passion for photography, dancing, and cute dogs. Aside from writing blogs, I’m doing my Bachelor’s in Media Studies. If you see me around smiling at my phone, I’m probably looking at memes (or cute dogs).


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