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University Lecture Bingo: Things that happen every lecture

Date:13 March 2018
There's always time for a game of Bingo!
There's always time for a game of Bingo!

Check out these things that every student - at least the ones who go to class - will have seen in most of their lectures. You can even make this a game using our readily available bingo card (for the low price of zero euros), because let’s face it… you weren’t going to pay attention for the full two hours anyway.

Here though, you can see 24 things you will see in your lectures at university!

  1. A (probably Dutch) student gets out an entire loaf of bread and starts to make a sandwich
  2. The professor makes an uncomfortable anecdote about their youth
  3. Professor plays a video, the sound is louder than an F16
  4. A dumb question gets asked in the last 5 minutes of the lecture
  5. The lecture hall is suddenly a lot emptier after the break
  6. The professor drops their chalk
  7. People start to pack up exactly when the lecture should end, even if the professor hasn’t finished yet
  8. The professor says something sort of rude and somebody giggles
  9. Somebody falls asleep
  10. The professor can’t deal with a technical problem to the computer
  11. A student who obviously hasn’t slept last night spends the whole lecture on his phone
  12. The professor gets mad at a late-comer OR somebody comes in late and tries to sit in the middle of a row
  13. The professor changes slide when you are halfway through copying down a sentence
  14. Professor forgets a word in English and says it in Dutch instead
  15. The professor talks about a ‘famous’ person that nobody has heard of
  16. Awkward silence after the professor asks a question to the class
  17. The professor tells a joke and nobody laughs
  18. Somebody asks an irrelevant question to show off
  19. Professor skips the break
  20. Reference to a popular movie/tv show in the slides
  21. Professor got creative with paint and it shows in the slides
  22. 20% or less of the class is actually attending the lecture
  23. Two people from a study association promote an event at the start of the lecture
  24. Professor plays a youtube video but forgets to turn off autoplay afterwards


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