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King's Day 2018 Bucket List

Date:23 April 2018
Don't forget your orange outfit!
Don't forget your orange outfit!

First time celebrating King's Day in the Netherlands? We've made a bucket list, so you'll know what to do (and what not to do). 

  1. First of all, party so much on King’s Night that you are barely alive on King’s Day. This makes all the below so much more fun.
  2. Dress up in the most ridiculous orange costume you can find - then regret that cameras exist afterwards
  3. Eat so much oranje Tompouce that you wish you had never been born
  4. Buy something useless at the flea market and then never use it (e.g. VSH tapes of your favourite Disney movie)
  5. Sell something useless at the flea market  (e.g. a puzzle with some of the pieces missing) and walk away with some fool’s money
  6. Crash a random Kingsday party
  7. Lose all your friends and just make new ones - it’s easier that way
  8. Celebrate that there are no lectures on this blessed day by studying (not serious, please don’t do this)
  9. Proudly display your Dutch flag
  10. Laugh at a tourist who has no idea what’s going on
  11. Throw your own Kingsday party
  12. Go to the Grote Markt and listen to the Dutch ruin classic hits
  13. Rent a boat with some friends on the canals in Amsterdam
  14. Go to Kingsland and rap along to Kraantje Pappie
  15. Be as classy as Maxima
  16. Work out at a Kingsday bootcamp
  17. Proudly enjoy an Aperol spritz in celebration - and pretend it's not the most bitter taste you ever tasted
  18. Teach an international student the National Anthem (or learn it yourself)
  19. Do the orange edition of the bike of shame the morning after Kings day
  20. Try to eat seven beschuitjes in under a minute
  21. Play a Dutch game - my grandma recommends sjoelen and the King loves koekhappen
  22. Comment on how weird Dutch games are (spijkerpoepen, really?)
  23. Play some more Dutch games
  24. Pay €2 to throw eggs at somebody (yes it’s a thing)
  25. Make an orange cocktail
  26. Wear a mask of Willem or Maxima's face (can buy at SoLow)
  27. Go see the King!


Did we miss anything? What's on your bucket list?


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