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#TheCityIsOurCampus: April 20th - 22th

Date:19 April 2018
Summer's here!!
Summer's here!!



The worst DJs ever

Normally we’d put all parties in our party pick list, but this one deserves a separate mention. Basically, it’s a party where only people with no DJ-experience whatsoever are allowed to be a DJ. Or as they describe it themselves: “YES THIS PARTY IS REALLY MUCH FUN, WITH DJ'S WHO CAN'T ACTUALLY DJ. YOU CAN GIVE YOURSELF UP IN THIS EVENT IF YOU WANNA PLAY A 30 MINUTE SET”.

ESN Groningen’s Got Talent

Think Groningen students have no talent? You’re probably right, but just to confirm, check out the ESN talent show at USVA.

Chinese Culture Evening

The International Cafe is organizing a Chinese culture evening. Chinese students will give a presentation about their country – its landscape, customs, and food. There’ll be traditional Chinese food, including a vegetarian option.

Pub social by Effective Altruism

Ever wanted to give to charity, but your monthly budget is entirely reserved for pizza? Effective Altruism is hosting a pub social and they’ll donate 1 euro to charity for everyone who shows up. And in the interest of freedom of choice you can pick where your euro will be going.

Masked Salsa Party

Don’t worry if you don’t actually know how to dance, you’ll need to bring a mask so nobody will know who you are anyway. Cocktails and themed snacks are also present at the masked salsa party hosted by Salsa Juan Carlos.

Kingsday is Coming!

It’s Kingsday next week! You want to be well prepared, so you should check out our other blogs about Kingsday, and look out for our #cityisourcampus Kingsday edition blog on Tuesday!


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