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#TheCityIsOurCampus: 18-20 May

Date:17 May 2018
Also: Kermis
Also: Kermis

Party Picks



The Dutch celebrate two days of Pentecost, which means Monday is a public holiday and you will not have lectures. Another long weekend, yay. Extra good since the weather is looking pretty great too. So enjoy the plethora (yes, finally used this word in a sentence) of events all round G-Town. Also, for the Dutchies, Monday is Stufi-night so no money worries.

Chinese Culture Day by the Chinese Student Society

Morning workshops on modern Chinese issues, a playful carnival afternoon showcasing Chinese folk culture, and a dinner party with authentic Chinese food and performances.

Multilocal Podcast (live) & Cyrano en ik - by City Central

This edition of the Podcast, City Central is joined by Courtney Bonneau & Jennifer Jansen, both originally from the USA but living in Groningen for a while now. Listen to them talk about being a local not just in Groningen but also other cities they hold dear to their hearts. After MULTILOCAL PODCAST, at 22:00, there will be a theatre performance by 'Cyrano & ik'.

Multicultural Food Festival

The best thing about the Multicultural Food Festival? It’s running all weekend, so nobody will recognize you if you visit twice.

Greek Culture Night

Some Greek HOSTies will be cooking a delicious Greek meal for you, followed by an introduction to what it's like to grow up in and live in Greece. There will also be time to socialise with other students from all over the world. Keep these type of international food events coming guys - the blog-team loves it...

Improv comedy at the Pacific Aussie BBQ Cafe

Let me spell that out for you: Australian. Pacific. BBQ. Improv comedy jam. Cafe. Do you really need another reason? Hosted by locally famous improv group Stranger Things, not affiliated with the slightly more famous Netflix series.

Krav Maga Workshop @ ACLO - by the Indian Student Society

Learn to properly defend yourself - and pretend to be in an action movie. UNAGI!!!! 

University Walk

Join this guided tour around the city centre to learn about the important UG locations, with a discount for PhD students. You’ll be able to annoy your friends with “fun facts” whilst walking about town forever guys.

There's many more events, but we cannot fit them all here. What are you up to this weekend? Whatever it is, don't do anything the blog team wouldn't do. ;-)


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