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#TheCityIsOurCampus: Weekend of the 15th - 17th of June

Date:14 June 2018
Or just chill on a terrace
Or just chill on a terrace

Party Picks

Ecstatic Dance Groningen - Edanz

A hit from around the world, dance meditation with three rules: no talking, no shoes and no alcohol or other mind-altering substances. The idea is to just let go and dance.

Selwerd 2 Stock Exchange

Ah the Selwerd bar - where students go to experience their dankest nights..  From 23:00 on, after happy hour, the prices of drinks will vary constantly based on supply and demand, just like securities on a stock exchange. This means that popular drinks will steadily rise in price, while forgotten about drinks will become cheaper and cheaper. Your best strategy? Buy all kinds of drinks! - or maybe wait for the exchange to crash?

Opening: StarDust and Chicken Soup

The summer-exhibition in the Folkingestraat Synagogue in Groningen made by students of the Minerva Art Academy. De students were inspired by the Jewish heritage of the Folkingestraat. They follow the footsteps of a group of artists who developed a similar project in 1997 titled: 'Imagined Past'.

FIFA World Cup Tournament @ MasMas

The World Cup is here! If you are from Brazil, Germany, Spain, or France, then congrats - you have a great chance of winning! For the rest of us, our only chance of winning comes in our dreams or on FIFA. On Friday, MasMas are hosting a FIFA World Cup tournament, so instead of studying while thinking about playing FIFA, why not just play FIFA!

Movienight at the Catcafe: Jungle Boom

Want to pet cats while watching Jungle Book? Me neither…

Herring parties - Dutch, Dutcher, the Dutchiest

As you might know, the Dutch love their herring. This weekend is the start of herring season 2018 - which means the infamous “Hollandse nieuwe” will be available. If you’re feeling gutsy, go to any fishstand in town and order some - OR go all the way with your integration by visiting a herring party and befriending some (probably smelly and senior) locals.

Don’t forget Father’s Day this weekend. Gift ideas: make a drawing, clay an astray or make art with macaroni.


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