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#TheCityIsOurCampus: April 13th - 15th

Date:12 April 2018
My cat, chilling. I bet she would love the pizza party as well
My cat, chilling. I bet she would love the pizza party as well

Party Picks


Friday the 13th

This Friday it is Friday 13th. Now I’m not superstitious, but I have seen enough horror movies to be slightly on edge this day. Don’t worry, nothing will happen - just be a bit careful with the milk that is one day past its sell-by date or something.

University of Groningen Open Day

There is a reason I love studying at the University of Groningen, and it’s not only because I can sit around writing blogs all day. It’s a super nice place to study (and to be a student, like eat pizza 4 times a week), and if you are a prospective student, you should make sure to go to the Open Day on Saturday to find out why!

Cat Cafe Pizza Party

Pizza + Cats = the perfect Friday night. Throw in that exams are over? It’s like this event was made for me. Basically, the cat cafe “Poeslief” is throwing a pizza party. You go there, chill with some cats, and eat pizza. I’ll be there for sure this Friday, drowning in a pool of animals and fast food.

Real Bodies Exhibition

Okay, bear with me on this one - it seems a bit weird but it’s actually super interesting. The ‘Real Human Bodies Exhibition’ is running over the weekend. Essentially, it is an exhibition of (you guessed it) real human bodies, with this edition showing off how the human body works, and the effects of destructive diseases.

Netflix tip (if it rains)

Rain is forecasted, although I learnt within two weeks of living here that I can never trust the weather forecast. Regardless, maybe it rains and you want to stay in (or you are just lazy). Plus, exams are done, so luckily you can finally watch Netflix without that overhanging feeling of guilt! There’s a bunch of new series & movies new on Netflix this week, and I would recommend A Series of Unfortunate Events, which sounds like my study life but is actually a pretty good series.


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