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#TheCityIsOurCampus: 11-13 May

Date:08 May 2018
Enjoying the weather on the steps of the Academy Building :)
Enjoying the weather on the steps of the Academy Building :)

Party Picks

Ascension Day

Thursday is Ascension Day in the Netherlands. Although most people don't celebrate this day, it's still a national holiday. That means no lectures, so enjoy your freedom!

Stranger Things - The Only Human Show

For everyone suffering from the human condition (yes, that’s all of you), the “Only Human” show should give you some temporary relief: you’re not the only one has no idea how to human.

Manual Cinema - Shadow Theatre

Ever tried to make shadow bunnies with your hands? The Manual Cinema Ada/Ava is much like that, except that these people are actually good at it. Check it out for a unique theater experience.

Indonesian Day

The Indonesian day, hosted by (surprise) the Indonesian Student Association, is open for everyone who wants to learn more about Indonesian culture, sample some Indonesian food, or just wants to hang out and have a good time.

Gravity and other Myths - Acrobat Show

People can’t fly, but these guys come pretty close. Gravity and other Myths is an Australian acrobat group who reportedly put on a pretty good show, so check it out.

DOT film

Stanley Kubrick's controversial and final film “Eyes Wide Shut” is playing at DOT this weekend. Good movie, but please don’t go there for your first (or second) date. And don’t take your parents.


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