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#TheCityIsOurCampus: April 6th - 8th

Date:05 April 2018
Sleeping in the UB
Sleeping in the UB

Party Picks

First things first, the weather is going to get warmer over the weekend; up to 19 degrees! So take out your dusty shorts and skirts that you shoved to the back of your closet when the weather got cold and show off your legs in town this weekend while you check out the different events..

Pathé Cinema - Ready Player One

Let’s face it - you either want to be lazy as anything after your exams, or you are desperately looking for ways to procrastinate. Either way, I suggest you go to the cinema, the magical place where for 2 (sometimes 3, come on Marvel we’ve got things to do) hours your problems disappear - although I must warn you, they don’t. Currently premiering is Ready Player One, which has a bunch of pop-culture references from 1980’s - 2010’s, so you can see how many you know.

Guts - 42 @ USVA

Inspired by The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, GUTS brings you a hilarious, fast-paced comedy about what happens if you put a confused Earthman, a man named after a car and a depressed robot together in a spaceship, led by an eccentric president of the galaxy. What could go wrong? Find out on the 5th, 6th or 7th of April at the Usva theatre!


Exam season is tough and unfortunately it's not over yet! Can't be bothered to waste precious last-minute studying time cooking? Then Fooddrop is for you. They’re a Groningen start up and if you haven't already heard of them, you’ll be grateful to know they exist now! They deliver more than just the standard sushi, pizza or kebab and focus on healthier and local restaurants such as Feel Good, Thai Jasmine, Wadapartja e.t.c. If you’ve got the exam blues and need a pick me up, they also deliver ice cream or cookie dough!

Tiny Art Exhibition

If you really want to take your studying procrastination to the next level, then why not check out a tiny art exhibition? Some Groninger creatives have joined together to create an exhibition in small hallways this weekend. Can you think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon? And don’t worry, if you can’t check it out this weekend, you can make an appointment everyday until May 20th, so you can always see it another time.

Have you read Peter’s tips on how to study like a boss yet? As always good luck on your exams!


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