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The Dutch grading system can be quite confusing sometimes...

What Dutch grades actually mean

Date:24 January 2020
The vast majority of students in the Netherlands are only awarded grades between 6 and 8. So what do Dutch grades actually mean? Before you have a nervous breakdown, or your parents disown you for ‘only’ getting a 7, make sure to read Asmo's blog. 
When in doubt, dance it out

5 Stress-relieving Solutions for Exam Weeks

Date:14 January 2020
Stressed? Here are 5 fail-proof ways to cope with the overwhelming pressure of exam season.
When the only empty seats at the UB are at the window sill, it's time to enter crisis mode.

How to Survive Your First Exams

Date:23 October 2019
Ah, exam season… the season of stress, anxiety, and mental breakdowns. Halloween wishes it was this scary. Already panicking? Here are some tips and tricks to survive your first exams.