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Friends since day one

Making Friends in Your First Year

Date:19 July 2019
Excited to start university, but nervous about making friends? Don't worry! Everyone is in the same boat and open to meeting new people. Read more for some tips about what you can do to meet new people when you first come to Groningen.
the welcoming team in their bright red hoodies

Making the Most of the University Welcome Days

Date:16 July 2019
If you’re beginning with your first year in September, then this blog is for you. Every year, University Welcome Days are organised for incoming students who are coming to start their studies in the Netherlands. Read this blog and make the most of these Welcome Days.
be prepared to struggle up dutch stairs with your suitcases

Packing to come to the University of Groningen 2019

Date:16 July 2019
So, you’re starting at the UG in September 2019. So exciting. But what should you bring - and what’s best left behind? In this guide, I’ll try to help you a bit based on my experience.
Experiencing the ESN intro week a second time as a guide

My ESN and KEI-Week Experiences

Date:09 July 2019
"It's been a few years since I first signed up to the introduction weeks in Groningen as a new student, and I have absolutely no regrets." Read more to find out about Marije's ESN and KEI-week experiences.
Totally baked this myself.....

A “quick” introduction to lustrum

Date:17 May 2019
Confused about Lustrum? Here's a "quick" guide introducing you to Lustrum and the related events!
chilling at the Hoornsemeer is always a great idea as well

#TheCityIsOurCampus 17-19 May

Date:16 May 2019
This weekend in Groningen: our top party picks, the Eurovision finals, ESN Culture event, language lessons and more
Proof I go to the library sometimes

Top 10 Ways To Convince Yourself You're Surviving and Thriving at Uni

Date:07 May 2019
It’s already the fourth block, and when you look back it all seems like a bit of a blur. Time has gone so fast and you’re not sure you’ve got a good routine going. Don’t worry, after reading through these tips, you will be able to convince yourself when you look back that you were thriving at university. 
King's Day ready

#TheCityIsOurCampus 26-28 April

Date:25 April 2019
This weekend in Groningen: our top party picks, King's Day events, Irish dancing lessons and more!
When all else fails, just go out to eat

Learning to Cook at University

Date:24 April 2019
Some pro-tips to help you develop your cooking so you can impress your friends and relatives.
when you find the perfect plant at the flower market

How to Celebrate Easter Like a Dutchie

Date:16 April 2019
Find out more about celebrating Easter in the Netherlands (giving yourself an excuse to go to Brunch with your friends 3 days in a row)
our legitimate band entry for the KEIxUsva contest

#TheCityIsOurCampus: 5-7 April

Date:03 April 2019
This weekend in Groningen: our top party picks, exam weeks, KEIxUsva band contest, Dutch language lessons and more
"Pretty in Pink" 21 diner

5 Weird Dutch Student Traditions

Date:02 April 2019
Dutch student Culture: a guide for internationals. Read more to find out about 5 Dutch Student traditions that internationals might find weird.
Ugh, why, and what even?

15 Tips to Find Motivation When You Really Need It

Date:19 March 2019
15 easy pro-tips to help you find the energy and motivation to study
I missed out on all this good food that my family had during the holiday!

Everything you should know about Chinese New Year

Date:08 February 2019
Chinese New Year is one of my favourite times of the year, not only because I get hongbaos (I’ll get back to this a bit later), but because its a time where the family gathers together and we celebrate by eating dumplings and watching the New Year Gala show. You probably already know that each year is represented by a different animal. This year is the year of the pig, but what does that mean?
It fell down while I was sleeping, so I still need to work on my decorating skills

How to decorate your Student Room in Groningen

Date:09 November 2018
Finally have a little bit more time to start thinking about how your room is decorated? This blog gives a few tips ranging from wall decoration to the actual furniture in your room.
Go-to Budget Costume

Best and Worst Halloween Costumes for UG Students

Date:25 October 2018

Going to a Halloween party this weekend? Want to dress up but not sure what to wear?