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Totally baked this myself.....

A “quick” introduction to lustrum

Date:17 May 2019
Confused about Lustrum? Here's a "quick" guide introducing you to Lustrum and the related events!
chilling at the Hoornsemeer is always a great idea as well

#TheCityIsOurCampus 17-19 May

Date:16 May 2019
This weekend in Groningen: our top party picks, the Eurovision finals, ESN Culture event, language lessons and more
Proof I go to the library sometimes

Top 10 Ways To Convince Yourself You're Surviving and Thriving at Uni

Date:07 May 2019
It’s already the fourth block, and when you look back it all seems like a bit of a blur. Time has gone so fast and you’re not sure you’ve got a good routine going. Don’t worry, after reading through these tips, you will be able to convince yourself when you look back that you were thriving at university. 
King's Day ready

#TheCityIsOurCampus 26-28 April

Date:25 April 2019
This weekend in Groningen: our top party picks, King's Day events, Irish dancing lessons and more!
When all else fails, just go out to eat

Learning to Cook at University

Date:24 April 2019
Some pro-tips to help you develop your cooking so you can impress your friends and relatives.
when you find the perfect plant at the flower market

How to Celebrate Easter Like a Dutchie

Date:16 April 2019
Find out more about celebrating Easter in the Netherlands (giving yourself an excuse to go to Brunch with your friends 3 days in a row)
our legitimate band entry for the KEIxUsva contest

#TheCityIsOurCampus: 5-7 April

Date:03 April 2019
This weekend in Groningen: our top party picks, exam weeks, KEIxUsva band contest, Dutch language lessons and more
"Pretty in Pink" 21 diner

5 Weird Dutch Student Traditions

Date:02 April 2019
Dutch student Culture: a guide for internationals. Read more to find out about 5 Dutch Student traditions that internationals might find weird.
Ugh, why, and what even?

15 Tips to Find Motivation When You Really Need It

Date:19 March 2019
15 easy pro-tips to help you find the energy and motivation to study
I missed out on all this good food that my family had during the holiday!

Everything you should know about Chinese New Year

Date:08 February 2019
Chinese New Year is one of my favourite times of the year, not only because I get hongbaos (I’ll get back to this a bit later), but because its a time where the family gathers together and we celebrate by eating dumplings and watching the New Year Gala show. You probably already know that each year is represented by a different animal. This year is the year of the pig, but what does that mean?
It fell down while I was sleeping, so I still need to work on my decorating skills

How to decorate your Student Room in Groningen

Date:09 November 2018
Finally have a little bit more time to start thinking about how your room is decorated? This blog gives a few tips ranging from wall decoration to the actual furniture in your room.
Go-to Budget Costume

Best and Worst Halloween Costumes for UG Students

Date:25 October 2018

Going to a Halloween party this weekend? Want to dress up but not sure what to wear?