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Food is good

Our Favourite International Restaurants in Groningen

Date:09 September 2020
Author:The Blog Team
Over the past five years, Groningen’s culinary scene has made a huge leap forward which has resulted in a lot more diversity in the types of restaurants that you can find. In this blog, we’ll share some of our favourite international restaurants in Groningen and take you on a culinary tour across the city (& world).
Asmo and his roommates

4 Things You Should Do When Living With Roommates

Date:04 September 2020
In this blog, Asmo collected 4 useful tips based on his own experiences that you should consider following when living with roommates. 
3 Skills to Master in Your First Year

3 Basic Skills to Master in Your First Year

Date:01 September 2020
In this blog, Asmo summarises 3 core skills that he believes every new first-year should know in order to master their start as a university student. 
Here I am making the most out of my time on a ferry by making a checklist of tasks to do!

How to Work Alongside Your Studies

Date:31 August 2020

I’ve been working at the University of Groningen as a student assistant for three years now, which is also the whole of the time that I have been a bachelor student. Naturally, working alongside your studies comes with loads of benefits; you earn money,...

Check out this list!

Arrival in Groningen: Checklist

Date:26 August 2020
Did you recently arrive to Groningen, or will you be arriving soon? Check out this comprehensive arrival checklist that will help you get settled in!
What I've Learned After 5 Years of University

What I've Learned After 5 Years of University

Date:20 August 2020
Have you ever thought about what you have learned during your time at uni? Asmo is graduating soon and in this blog, he's collected some of his thoughts on this.
Meet Trân, Orgesa, Pilvi and Deison!

4 Prospective Students Share Their Journey to Groningen

Date:13 August 2020
In this blog, four prospective students share their experiences with you and tell how they prepare for their move to Groningen. 
It's time to grill!

5 Simple & Delicious BBQ Recipes to Make Your Summer

Date:11 August 2020
What better way is there to enjoy the sun and work on that tan, than by cooking up some delicious food over your BBQ? Check out this blog to see Asmo's 5 favourite BBQ recipes that you should try this summer.
How to fill your student room?

Essentials for your home office

Date:07 August 2020
Having a good place to study is super important when you start studying, especially now that we are all working at home. Check out Danique's blog to see what the essentials are!
Check out all the things that surprised us when moving to NL!

3 Things That Surprised Us When Moving to NL

Date:05 August 2020
Author:The Blog Team
There are some things in the Netherlands that are quite unique and which aren’t advertised in brochures or tourist shops. In this blog, 4 students share which things really surprised them when moving here so that you aren’t caught off guard.