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When you always pay by card, your wallet ends up looking a little empty.

How to save money as a student in Groningen

Date:30 November 2020
Student life in Groningen can be as cheap or expensive as you make it, it all depends on your spending habits. Whether you have a student job or make use of the government loan, budgeting as a student is essential.
The most basic Insta Pic: Matching outfits with the UB terrace tables while holding a Starbucks coffee

5 Most Instagrammable Spots in Groningen

Date:27 November 2020
There are pictures of the city that you just need to have - whether you’re new, or have been here for ages. These are the 5 top!
Talk to people about internships! It's the best way of figuring out what you want to do

How To Find An Internship

Date:25 November 2020

An internship is a great opportunity to put your knowledge that you’ve learned in university into practice, especially for the more theoretical study programmes! Along with putting your knowledge into practice, it’s also important to get a feel for a work...

Avital figuring out her future, one step at a time!

Choosing a Master’s programme

Date:23 November 2020
As the end of your Bachelor's is nearing, the time is here to choose a Master's programme. In this blog, Avital shares her tips for making this choice.
Surviving and thriving....kinda

A Week During Online Classes in 7 GIFs

Date:20 November 2020
Luc takes you through his week during online classes with 7 GIFs to soothe your soul and bring a smile to your face (hopefully).
The Blog Team!

The most valuable skills we have learned at university

Date:18 November 2020
Author:The Blog Team
During your time as student, you will develop and learn many new skills. We share some of the most valuable skills we've learned so far.
Pretending like it didn't take me 2 hours to get out of bed that morning!

How to Stay Motivated as the Days Get Colder

Date:16 November 2020
The days are turning colder and shorter, and it can seem hard to stay motivated and on-track with life. After living three years in the Netherlands, Ariana has gathered some of her best advice to beat the dark days!
A smile a day keeps the Doctor away!

5 Ways to be Kinder

Date:13 November 2020
For World Kindness Day, Ariana has gathered 5 easy ways in which you can be kinder to others (and yourself)!
Iconic Groningen: the beautiful Academy Building steps!

How to choose your bachelor’s degree programme

Date:11 November 2020
Choosing what and where to study is a daunting task. In this blog, Danique explains how to choose your bachelor's degree programme in 7 steps.
Luc posing by one of Groningen's canals.

4 Observations from a South African in Groningen

Date:10 November 2020
Starting a new journey is always daunting - especially when moving away from home to study abroad. In this blog, Luc breaks down 4 of his observations of living, studying and experiencing Groningen!