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Staying productive while doing some art at home. Not the best at it, but hey, it's something!

4 Different UG Initiatives to Expand Your Mind

Date:06 May 2020
Feeling unproductive during these strange times? Here are 4 different UG initiatives to help you expand your mind!
Liberation in the Poelestraat, Groningen 1945

Liberation Day 2020

Date:04 May 2020
What is Dutch liberation day, and how do we celebrate it? Danique writes about the history, traditions and how to celebrate in 2020.
Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand aka The King of the Netherlands

6 Facts About the Dutch Royals to Impress Your Friends With

Date:24 April 2020
Who is the royal birthday boy who gets to throw the biggest b-day party in the world? In this blog, I have collected some lesser-known facts about the King, his family and his fortune, so that you can impress your friends with your royal knowledge.  
Ready for class with my official uniform for the rest of the block

10 Things that Have Happened Since the Switch to Online Classes

Date:24 April 2020
Going to class in PJs, professors showing their pets in the lectures, napping during class... they're all things that have happened since we switched to online classes. Here's all of them:
Go online!

Groningen Online: 22.-29. April

Date:22 April 2020
Yesterday the Dutch government announced that the lockdown measures will be upheld until at least the 20th of May. To make life a little bit easier for you, we have gathered some activities taking place this week which you can attend via the comfort of your home to defeat boredom!  
A pic of the first time I visited the UG!

What it’s like to do Honours next to my Media Studies degree

Date:17 April 2020
Ariana explains what it's like to be a student in Media Studies and the Honours College!
My entertainment this weekend: still study work (it never ends)

Things to do this week: virtual edition

Date:15 April 2020

It’s week 5 of lockdown here in the Netherlands, meaning that despite the beautiful spring weather, we can’t spend our free time chilling in the Noorderplantsoen or on a terrace in the city centre. While it’s also the first week of the last block of the...

How we'll be celebrating Easter 2020: empanadas and coffee

Easter celebrations: then and now

Date:10 April 2020
Author:The Blog team
This weekend is Easter! Read how Danique and Ariana usually celebrate Easter and how they are celebrating this year!
A Canadian officer in Groningen, shortly after the liberation in 1945

4 Historical Challenges the UG Overcame

Date:01 April 2020
For this blog, I have gathered some of the largest historical challenges that the city has faced throughout its 1000-year-old existence - and how the city's population and students overcame these adversities. 
The 'balancing laundry detergent while attempting yoga' challenge

7 Unusual Home Exercise Solutions

Date:26 March 2020
For this blog Asmo tried to come up with some ‘creative’ solutions to keep yourself moving at home.