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Some days are just a bit meh, but everyone has those days!

Resources to cure your Blue Monday blues

Date:18 January 2021
Are you feeling a bit unmotivated or sad? In this blog, we've shared some resources to cure your Blue Monday blues in the hopes of cheering you up.
Luc looking perplexed by the wealth of information found in MOOCs!

Luc's MOOCs

Date:13 January 2021
MOOCs. What are they? They are way more than just a sound you would expect a cow to make. In fact, they are super helpful if you want to learn something new, or get an idea of the academic environment of the UG.
Unfortunately, this attempt did not in fact help me remember the material better...

How to survive and thrive during exams

Date:11 January 2021
Exams are nobody's favourite time, but there are ways to make studying more effective and more enjoyable. In this blog, Avital shares some of her tips for surviving and thriving during exams!
Walks in nature are great, especially when the weather is nice!

Best places to go on a walk in Groningen

Date:08 January 2021
Walking in nature is a great way to de-stress, relax, and feel happier. Here are 4 places around Groningen that are easy to visit!
Luc looking confused, in a very loud shirt.

Tips To Ace Your UG Application!

Date:06 January 2021
Completing your UG application can be confusing. But don't worry - Luc's got you covered! Have a look through his description of the process and some tips to ace your application!
Happy 2021!

New Year's Resolutions - Here’s to 2021!

Date:01 January 2021
Author:The Blog Team
Hello 2021! Here's to a happy and healthy new year. In this blog, we're sharing our New Year's resolutions. What are yours?
Grab your popcorn, it's time to get cosy with some festive movies!

Our favourite festive movies to watch during the holidays

Date:25 December 2020
Author:The Blog Team
The holidays are the perfect time to spend the day on the sofa and watch festive movies. In this blog, we're sharing some of our favourites!
Avital is here to save you from your winter boredom!

Fun things to do during the break (pandemic edition)

Date:21 December 2020
If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we need to get creative to keep ourselves entertained while we're in lockdown. That's why, in this blog, Avital shares some fun things you can still do during your winter break.
My mood for the rest of the holidays!

The last day of classes in 5 gifs

Date:18 December 2020
The last day of lectures is finally here, and the holidays are now minutes away. Here's 5 gifs to sum it up:
What are your favourite Christmas traditions?

Our Favourite Holiday Traditions

Date:16 December 2020
Author:The Blog Team
How do we celebrate the holidays back home, and what are our favourite traditions? Read 5 international students' Christmas traditions in this blog.