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Hylke making spicy tuna pasta in her kitchen.

5 cheap and easy student recipes for the end of the month

Date:20 September 2023
The end of the month is here, your money is running low, so the big question is: what are you having for dinner? Not to worry, we’ve come to the rescue! Here are five budget-friendly, easy, and incredibly delicious recipes.
Hylke looking for journals on SmartCat.

How to use SmartCat: tips and tricks

Date:13 September 2023
SmartCat is everyone’s best friend when it comes to finding good academic sources for your assignments and essays. But do you know all its useful tools? In today’s blog, Hylke talks about everything you need to know.
Hylke ready for her first week back at university!

Your first week as a new uni student in GIFs

Date:06 September 2023
The first week of the academic year is very exciting yet sometimes hectic, especially if you're a new student. Everything is new and unfamiliar while you try to find your way around. To honour this experience, here are some relatable moments in the first week as a new student!
The procession of professors, which will be led by Mr Lunsing Cazemier this year. © UG, photo: Reyer Boxum

Everything you need to know about the history and traditions surrounding the Opening of the Academic Year

Date:31 August 2023
Tomorrow is the Opening of the Academic Year! This is an event with very old traditions. Do you know all of them? In today's blog, beadle Mr Lunsing Cazemier and organiser Mrs Monique Peperkamp talk about some of the interesting history and traditions surrounding the yearly Opening Ceremony. Additionally, they explain what their (historical) functions entail.
Happy Hylke standing before the Academic Building knowing that she will have a successful academic year due to her study resolutions!

New academic year, new me: how to come up with and keep your study resolutions

Date:30 August 2023
The start of the new academic year is almost here! This is the perfect time to think about what you want to achieve or do differently in the coming year. In order to give you some inspiration, Hylke has listed some of her resolutions of the previous years. She also gives some tips on how to keep them so you can have your best academic year yet!
Hylke planning everything for the first block.

Everything you need to know about the University of Groningen’s block system

Date:23 August 2023
So, what exactly is a block system? In this blog, Hylke explains how the system works, when to sign up for courses and seminar groups, and gives a general overview at the end. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to navigate through the year!
Hylke saying 'Proost!'.

5 essential Dutch sentences you have to learn by heart to make a good impression

Date:09 August 2023
Want to make a good impression with the Dutch? In today’s blog, we list 5 essential Dutch sentences that you have to learn by heart if you want to score some points. Moreover, they give you a little bit of background into Dutch culture, which is always handy to know.
Hylke presenting you 6 alternative ways to earn money as a student during the summer.

6 alternative ways to earn money as a student during the summer

Date:02 August 2023
Summer is a time where people often either spend a lot of money on fun activities, or use the time to make and save up money. Are you planning on doing the latter? In this blog, we talk about 6 alternative ways in which you can earn money as a student during summer.
Hylke reading at the Noorderplantsoen.

How to become a book reader (tips + book(stagram/tok) recommendations)

Date:26 July 2023
Would you love to read more, but don’t know where to start? This blog is for you! Hylke has thought of some tips and book(stagram/tok) recommendations that can help you become an avid book reader.
Afraid of being scammed? Read this blog about red flags and tips on hunting for a home in Groningen.

How to avoid being scammed while looking for a home in Groningen

Date:14 July 2023
Housing scams are more common among students in Groningen than you can imagine, especially with the housing shortage . In this blog we will help you from losing your money and mental peace and also save you the hassle of browsing through multiple websites.