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Do you need to speak Dutch to Study in the Netherlands?

Date:30 July 2020

If you’re expecting to come to the UG this school year, you may be wondering how important it is to be able to speak Dutch in the Netherlands and you’ll be happy to know you’ve come to the right place for an answer! 

Are you ready for Summer 2020?

This Summer in 10 GIFS

Date:29 July 2020
To celebrate the summer holidays, we've compiled 10 GIFs that summarize the good (and not so good) aspects of summer in 2020.
A proud plant parent

How to take care of plants in uni

Date:28 July 2020
Getting bored in corona times? Always aspired to grow plants? Read Danique's blog on how to become a plant person while in uni.
Myth Nr 3: There are windmills EVERYWHERE

Debunking 8 Myths About The Netherlands

Date:28 July 2020
For anyone who has not been here yet, it is easy to imagine the Netherlands as a country where people live in windmills and dance around in tulip fields in their wooden clogs. In this blog, Asmo has debunked some of the most popular myths about the Netherlands, so that you won’t arrive here in your brand new clogs and be disappointed. 
Bachelor's: Done

What I Miss About My Bachelor’s Degree

Date:24 July 2020
In this blog, Danique looks back to her times as a bachelor's student and what she misses about it.
The preferred vehicle to move stuff in NL: The 'Bakfiets'

Your First Weeks in Groningen: What to expect, do and look forward to!

Date:23 July 2020
In this blog, I will share some of the things you can expect when coming here. Moreover I'll give you some additional tips on what to do despite the social distancing rules and what you can look forward to once Groningen goes back to normal.
A Dutch fave: cheese fondue for dinner

Embracing your Dutch side at Uni

Date:22 July 2020
Want to embrace your Dutch side and integrate with Dutch culture? Danique has 8 tips to help you with that!
The Blog Team!

What I Wish I Had Known in My First Year: Student Edition

Date:15 July 2020
Author:The Blog team
In this blog, we’d like to share some of our own experiences and help all the new first-year students on their way by learning from the mistakes we made.
Should be enough mayo to make it through the week

The Top 10 Dutch Traps for International Students

Date:15 July 2020
A list of the top 10 Dutch traps that international students are likely to encounter when they actually move to the Netherlands.
Professor Asmo aka 'the novice'

5 Types of Lecturers You Will Have at Uni

Date:10 July 2020
Lecturers belong to a university like fish belong in water, and you will definitely come across quite a few different ones during your studies. For this blog, Asmo has tried to come up with 5 distinct types of lecturers that you will probably run into during your time at uni.