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The University Medical Centre Groningen is pictured above - hopefully you'll only need to visit as a medical student.

Navigating Healthcare in the Netherlands

Date:01 December 2021
If you're moving to the Netherlands for the first time, you might know that it is mandatory to take out some form of health insurance. There are quite a few options when it comes to coverage for different types of students. Luc has compiled a short guide on which kinds of healthcare insurance you might need during your studies. Take a look!
Een masteropleiding kiezen? Lees onze tips!

Hoe kies je een masteropleiding die bij je past?

Date:11 November 2021
Ben je op zoek naar een universitaire masteropleiding die bij je past? In deze blog deelt Avital haar beste tips voor het maken van deze keuze, van brainstormen tot het bezoeken van de Masterweek.

10 reasons why Groningen is the best place to study in the Netherlands

Date:01 November 2021
The Netherlands is a small country but has quite a few research universities, a lot of which are top-ranked. However, in my honest opinion, Groningen is the absolute best city to study in the Netherlands. Here are 10 reasons why:
Luc intensely studying something

Study Tips for Students by Students

Date:30 October 2021
We asked our followers on Instagram to leave us their best study tips for students during the exam season. Luc compiled a few of them in this blog to help you kickstart your studying. To find out what they are, read the blog!
Rainbow spotted in Groningen

Studying in the Rain and How to Enjoy It

Date:23 October 2021
Exam season is beginning at the UG which coincides with our transition into Autumn, which means colder temperatures, warm colours and some rain. Studying in the rain can be challenging. In this blog, Luc shares some benefits to these conditions, and some tips on making sure that your experience is an enjoyable one! 
Welcome at the Bachelor’s Open Day!

The Bachelor’s Open Day is Back in Person!

Date:15 October 2021

Our Bachelor’s Open Day is taking place on location again this year! On 12th November 2021, we will be opening our doors to prospective students considering studying their Bachelor’s Degree with us!  From programme-specific presentations to general...

Luc and company cycling around Zernike Campus

5 Tips for Biking Culture in the Netherlands

Date:09 October 2021
What's more Dutch than cheese, tulips and clogs? Biking! It is such a big part of our daily lives, and it is a good idea to know the most about biking culture in the Netherlands that you can! Take a look at Luc's tips to find out more.
Lunchbreak at the Zernike Foodcourt

UG Resources You Should Know About

Date:02 October 2021
If you're a new student at the UG, or an existing one, who'd like to know about the resources available to you at the UG - this is the blog for you! Luc shares some of the most important resources that you should use during your studies.
Luc looking to the future at Zernike Campus

Tips for Starting Your Academic Life at the UG

Date:25 September 2021
Are you a new student at the UG? This blog might be helpful to you! Here are some tips and tricks about how to maximise your student life at the UG!
Luc posing at the Opening of the Academic Year Ceremony. 

7 GIFs for the Beginning of the Academic Year

Date:13 September 2021
The new academic year has officially started and Luc thought he'd help you kickoff the new year with a fun GIF(t).