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31 things to put on your Groningen Bucket List!

Date:04 January 2023
Hylke posing before Forum Groningen.
Hylke posing before Forum Groningen.

Are you looking for a challenge in the new year? Then try to complete all these tasks throughout the year! From bouldering at Gropo to barbecuing at the Noorderplantsoen, there are challenges for everyone on this list. To make it extra fun you could take a photo every time you do something on this list so that you have a Groningen Bucket List photo album at the end of the year :).

  1. Visit the Martini Tower (I still haven’t done this while I’ve studied here for years).

  2. Go bouldering at Gropo or Apex.

  3. Visit the renewed Van der Velde bookshop at AKerkhof.

  4. Join and complete an USVA course (I’ve completed several Creative Writing courses).

  5. Join and complete an ACLO course.

  6. Go to the University Museum (it’s free for students).

  7. Visit one of the Wadden Islands (Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland, and Schiermonnikoog).

  8. Get a late night snack at Big Snack Hoek after partying all night.

  9. Celebrate Liberation Day at Stadspark.

  10. Tour through the city on a rental scooter.

  11. Go to the May Fair (even if it’s only for cotton candy).

  12. Swim at the Hoornsemeer.

  13. Go on a pub/club crawl and visit as many pubs or clubs as you can!

  14. Rent a boat and sail on the canals of Groningen.

  15. Go to the Hortus Botanicus in Haren.

  16. Attend Noorderzon in the summer (it’s magical)!

  17. Have a barbecue on a roof or at the Noorderplantsoen (also in the Summer or Spring).

  18. Attend a costume party (either on Halloween or another day of the year).

  19. Go to your 9AM class while having gone clubbing the night before.

  20. Follow a Career Services workshop (which is beneficial for your future career).

  21. Visit the Groninger Museum (just like the University Museum, it’s free for students).

  22. Visit the WinterWelVaart in December.

  23. Travel to the Noordkaap (Cape North Port), the most Northern spot of the Netherlands.

  24. Visit Forum Groningen (go to the roof, have a drink or read a book).

  25. Organise a (cocktail/dinner) party!

  26. Go watch a movie at Kinepolis instead of Pathe. 

  27. Visit Leeuwarden to see the lovely city centre and Campus Fryslân.

  28. Eat an eierbal.

  29. Ice skate at Kardinge (or, if you’re lucky on the canals of Groningen).

  30. Stay at the UB until closing time.

  31. Visit the Via Vecchia in November/December.

This is our (updated) Groningen Bucket List! If you want some more things to put on your list, check out our 2018 version. Let us know in the comments if we missed anything and what activity you’re definitely going to do this year. Good luck!

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Hiya! I’m Hylke, a Dutch MA English Literature student. People often ask me if I’m Frisian, but sadly I’m not; I just have a Frisian name. I love reading, writing, meeting with friends, and the colour yellow, so much so that I take pictures of every yellow wall I can find!


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