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2018 Bucket List: 25 things to do in Groningen

Date:01 January 2018
Oliebollen at the Grote Markt!
Oliebollen at the Grote Markt!

It’s time to put 2017 behind us  and to start looking forward to the new year. If you are in Groningen  and looking for a challenge this year, then see if you can complete these 25 challenges for 2018 in Groningen!



  1. Go to every bar in Groningen (just don’t try it in one night)
  2. Visit the 5 biggest cities in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven)
  3. Go on a trip to visit an international friend you made in Groningen
  4. Visit one of the Wadden Islands: (there are 5 famous islands: Schiermonnikoog; Ameland; Vlieland; Texel; and Terschelling)
  5. Road trip!
  6. Go to an FC Groningen game - make sure to look out for student discounts
  7. Support your country (or country of choice) while watching a game on a terrace during the World Cup (for you Dutch supporters, I recommend England)
  8. Climb the Excalibur - it’s considered the tallest freestanding climbing wall in the world
  9. Start learning a new language, either by a course at the Language Centre or by yourself using apps like Duolingo
  10. Become a buddy for new international students
  11. Join (and complete) an ACLO course
  12. Join (and complete) an USVA course
  13. Go stand-up paddling on the canals
  14. Watch a whole TV show season in one day - my picks are Stranger Things, Ozark, or the old classic: Friends
  15. Climb the Martini Tower
  16. Celebrate Kings Day the Dutch way - especially as the King is coming to Groningen this year!
  17. Celebrate Bommen Berend
  18. Celebrate Liberation Day at the Stadspark
  19. Attend Noorderzon with a boat on the pond
  20. Make it to the UB at 08:30
  21. Stay at the UB until closing time
  22. Host an international dinner
  23. Host a party! (and have Sunday brunch the next day at Het Concerthuis)
  24. Swim at the Hoornsemeer
  25. Have a barbeque at the Noorderplantsoen (but wait until spring or summer!)

So here it is! If you manage to do everything or not, we wish you a very happy 2018: full of passed exams (even if it’s with a 6 - also known as the students 10); ‘gezellige’ evenings; and fun experiences. If you complete the list or have any other ideas of stuff to do this year in Groningen, just leave a comment!


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