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Human Geography & Urban and Regional Planning

Human Geography & Urban and Regional Planning
Human Geography & Urban and Regional Planning

Deze webklas wordt alleen aangeboden in het Engels.

Who can join?

High school students with an interest in studying Human Geography & Urban and Regional Planning.

The web class urban and regional planning

Society and its physical surroundings are changing constantly. Social geography focusses on the interaction between people and places. It’s about the ‘where’ and the ‘why there’ in the world. Planning is more about the design of space and how to improve this design through interferences. This web class is especially interesting for students who are interested in Geography and Sociology, but also in other social courses. This web class will teach you to look at the world around you with a geographical eye, and will help you to choose the Human Geography & Urban and Regional Planning major.

Planning: A web class about liveability in the city and in the rural areas

The city keeps growing while the rural areas shrink. Does this mean that the city is becoming more liveable and the rural areas aren’t? What does the place where someone lives mean to him or her? Do surroundings determine liveability, or the people around you? And how can liveability be improved? In this web class, you’ll work on these subjects yourself. You’ll read scientific literature, watch a video lecture, interview someone, and you’ll get to make a design to improve your own habitat! In these four weeks, you’ll learn that the world around you is much more complicated than it seems at first sight, through several assignments. However, sometimes things can also be much easier than you thought! You’re going to implement this in your own design. The different parts of geography that will be discussed during the major, are also used in the web class: cultural geography, demographics, economical geography and planning.

Workload and grading

If you would like to earn 10 credit hours, you’ll have to hand in the assignment every week and get a sufficient grade. Making the assignments will cost you 2 to 3 hours each. The first assignments will be a little bit shorter than the fourth assignment. If all your assignments are graded as sufficient, your certificate will be sent to you. If you would like to use this webclass for credits at your own school, you will have to discuss this with your school yourself. For example, you could ask one of your teachers to join the web class as well, so he or she can evaluate if the web class’s contents are sufficient for receiving credits.


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Human Geography & Urban and Regional Planning
Human Geography & Urban and Regional Planning
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