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Deze webklas wordt alleen aangeboden in het Engels.

Who can join?

Students who are interested in studying for the BA in English Language and Culture.

The Webclass

This course deals with Shakespearean drama. It uses Hamlet as its focus but most of its content can be applied to Shakespeare's plays generally. The course material introduces you to Shakespeare in his historical context and explains the ways that plays were staged in outdoor theatres in early seventeenth-century England. To highlight some of the features of the drama of the time, the course material supplies you with the information necessary to compare and contrast the acting of Shakespeare's plays in his own time and today. The examples from modern outdoor Shakespeare theatre are drawn from the Dutch Shakespeare Theater at Diever (but note that all the material is in English). The course closes with an outline of some of the cultural context of Hamlet that can help a reader understand the assumptions that Shakespeare expected his audience to have.

The First Folio: Shakespeare’s collected works (1623) at the Shakespeare Birthplace, Stratford-Upon-Avon
The First Folio: Shakespeare’s collected works (1623) at the Shakespeare Birthplace, Stratford-Upon-Avon


Each week of this course deals with an aspect of the staging of Hamlet. The material in week 1 is introductory and there are no assignments as you need to invest time at the beginning in reading the text of the play in any complete English-language edition. In weeks 2-4 there are assignments that encourage you to engage with the course material.

Workload and grading

If you want to earn 10 hours of workload for this webclass, you have to hand in your assignments in weeks 2-4. Please keep in mind that you’ll have to read the play and then spend approximately 1.5 hours a week on preparation and online lectures. If your assignments are of a sufficient standard you’ll get a certificate at the end of the webclass. (If you would like to use this webclass for credits at your own school, you will have to discuss this with your school yourself. For example, you could ask one of your teachers to join the webclass as well, so that he or she could evaluate if the webclass’s contents are appropriate for the award of credits.)

Studying English

This webclass focused on one English literary work. In our BA courses we study texts from c. 800 until today written in English from all over the world. Our students also study aspects of the language and English linguistics. The webclass is, then, a small sample of the things that we do.


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