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Art History

Who can join?

Students with an interest in the major Art History

This webclass is only given in English

Art, Architecture and Landscape

Are you fascinated by art, architecture and town planning, and/or are you interested in the development of the landscape. Would you like to know more about these subjects? Then the Art and History of Architecture major is perfect for you!

The University of Groningen offers you classes in ancient art, modern and current art, architecture and town planning, and the history of the landscape. The emphasis is on the Italian Renaissance and the Flemish Primitives, media art and art theory, medieval buildings and 19th and 20th-century cities, and the history of the origins and development of the Dutch and European cultural landscapes. In short, this major contains subjects to everyone’s liking.

The webclass

To get an idea of what it means to study Art History, all four disciplines will be dealt with during this webclass. Almost every week, you can pick the discipline that you would like to make an assignment on. Furthermore, a theme will be discussed every week. Week 1 will be all about learning to look, and week 3 will deal with the identity in art and architecture. All assignments that you’ll be making were developed by students, and resemble assignments and skills that you’ll get during the first year of the major.

Il Duomo
Il Duomo

Workload and grading

The webclass takes four weeks. Every week, you’ll be spending approximately 3 hours on preparation and making the assignments. By using visual media, texts and interaction with your fellow students and teachers, you’ll go through the assignments. By handing in the assignments on time and receiving a sufficient grade, you’ll earn 10 credithours. If you would like to use this webclass for credits at your own school, you will have to discuss this with your school yourself. For example, you could ask one of your teachers to join the webclass as well, so he or she can evaluate if the webclass’s contents are sufficient for receiving credits.

Studying Art and Architecturehistory

This webclass gives a good impression of what to expect from the Art and Architecturehistory major. Besides that, this webclass is a good preparation for the first year of university, because you’ll be working on skills that you’ll need during your first year.

If you would like to get more information on admission, enrollment and programs of this major, take a look at: or sign up for our Student For One Day in March/April.


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