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American Studies

Deze webklas wordt alleen aangeboden in het Engels.

Who can join?

Students who are interested in the BA program of American Studies at the University of Groningen.

The web class

American culture, politics, and economics have had and continue to have an immense impact on nations around the globe. Our daily lives are often shaped more by Hollywood, the Dow Jones, Google, hip hop, and consumer capitalism than by our own national institutions and traditions. The interdisciplinary BA program of American Studies will allow you to study the inner workings of one of the most powerful and influential modern societies.

Web class American Studies
Web class American Studies


This four-week web class will introduce you to four specific themes: the 2016 presidential elections; computer gaming; race and rhetoric in American politics; and creating a digital project on the theme of slavery. For every theme, you will read texts and prepare short essay and/or digital assignments. You have to hand in your assignments every week and will receive feedback on them by a web class instructor.

Workload and grading

In this web class you’ll be spending approximately 2.5 hours per week on reading texts and watching videos, participating in discussion boards, and preparing short assignments. If you complete all assignments at a sufficient level, you’ll be able to obtain a certificate at the end. If you would like to earn credits for this web class, please check with your high school whether this is possible. In case one of your teachers would like to evaluate whether the web class’s contents are sufficient for receiving credits, he/she is welcome to enroll as well.

Studying American Studies

This web class allows you to find out what to expect in your first year of studying American Studies at the University of Groningen. You’ll learn what it means to read and prepare texts on a regular basis, participate in discussions, write short, argumentative essays, and develop your own digital project. If you enroll in the BA program, you’ll of course acquire a wide range of additional skills, including fluency in English, excellent research and writing skills, proficiency in analysis and argumentation, intercultural competence, interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving, and thinking across traditional boundaries.


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