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RPO Dispersible Radioactive Materials - D

Course information
Radiation protection
Final objectives

The training meets the final objectives for the Supervisory Radiation Protection Employee in case of applications of dispersible radioactive materials at level D (DRM-D), as meant in Annex 5.2, Section E-3 of the Regulation on Basic Safety Standards Radiation Protection.

Target group

The course provides the required training for Radiation Protection Officer for dispersible radioactive materials, level D (RPO DRM-D) and overlaps to a large extent with the former Level 5B training. The RPO DRM-D supervises applications with an activity of up to 0.2 Reing. He works under the direct responsibility of a CD who acts as the first point of contact for them among others incidents.

This course is also suitable as an appropriate instruction for those who work with dispersible radioactive substances.

Learning objectives

After successful completion, the RPO DRM-D has the following skills:

  1. He supervises the application for which he is responsible, he enforces the relevant laws and regulations in the field of ionizing radiation, and he gives advice to the employees in consultation with the CD.
  2. He contributes to an adequate handling of an unintended event or incident. In such a situation, he immediately warns the CD and then follows his instructions.
  3. He actively improves his own expertise through further training, and that of others for whom he is responsible by providing information and instructions.
  4. He possesses knowledge, skills, attitudes and competences relating to dispersible radioactive materials.
Course material

The course material is contained in the booklet Radiation Protection Officer - dispersible radioactive materials - level D that is composed and  written by Dr. F. Pleiter and Dr. H.F. Boersma. The material is completed with a practical training manual edited by E.J. Bunskoeke MSc.


At the end of the course, there will be an exam consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions with each four possible answers, and one or more open questions. One point is granted for each multiple-choice question that is correctly answered. For the open questions one may obtain a maximum of 10 points. The exam is passed if 30 out of the 50 available points have been obtained.

You must bring a simple calculator to the exam.

Important dates

The next course will start on November 21, 2018 (lecture variant, in Dutch only) and on October 30, 2018 or November 6, 2018(self study variant, in English or Dutch). ALL COURSES ARE FULLY BOOKED!
The next self study courses will presumably be scheduled in spring 2019.
The course with lectures (in Dutch) will start on June 12, 2019.
Examination: November 9, 2018 (self study variant), December 19, 2018 (lecture variant).
Re-examination: November 9 and December 19, 2018.

COURSES FULLY BOOKED? We kindly invite you to pre-register through this link. As soon as a new courses is organized, you will be informed.

Deadline for registration: October 23, 2018 (self study variant I), October 30, 2018 (self study variant II), November 7, 2018 (lecture variant)
To register for this course, go to  cursuswinkel. Registration for the self study course will be possible from October 11 onwards.
Generally, the course can be combined with the training for RPO MR. For the self study course of October/November this will not be possible

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