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Education Online Teaching for staff Webinars

Information about the webinars

Active online learning

Once we move past the “firefighting” stage of moving our learning online, it is important to experiment with some more advanced strategies for creating interaction and engagement in our lessons and lectures, whether in live (synchronous) or in less immediate (asynchronous) formats.

Building Community by "Humanizing" Online Courses

What brings the most value to your courses (both online and face-to-face) is YOU and the relationships you develop with, and between, your students. This cannot be automated or replaced. Does online teaching have you feeling a bit like a radio broadcaster who is talking to an unknown audience? Are you missing the feeling of community and connection within your groups? This session will show you some easy strategies and tools that can help you “humanize” your online course design and facilitation to encourage more community building and conversation

Creating Structure for Students in a Hybrid Course

How can you provide structure for your students when your course consists of both online and offline activities? In this webinar we will provide a structure for your course in Nestor that can help you with creating a clear hybrid course design that supports students' learning. Based on teacher and student experiences we have adjusted the original Nestor template for online education. Next to that we will discuss some best practices from teachers who have used the template.

Get Inspired to Teach in 2020/2021: A Conversation Café

COVID-19 has shaken up our teaching and learning situation and we now must prepare for a somewhat uncertain fall semester of online teaching, blended learning, hybrid education or whatever you might choose to call it. Educational Support and Innovation has created many webinars, instructions and manuals to help you individually in how to teach, but we, nor anyone else, has the perfect approach on how to teach and learn in this unusual time. Therefore, we'd like to bring people together, think positive, share ideas and get inspired by others to help you come up with ideas on how to teach during the fall of 2020 using the Pro-Action Café format. If you plan to attend, please fill out this form in advance.

Structuring your online course

During this session we will provide a structure for your course in Nestor, which will be helpful for instructors in designing an online course while taking into account best practices in online courses. We will also address several online learning and teaching activities that facilitate students to achieve the course learning outcomes.

Q&A sessions

Are you designing your online course or online exam? Do you have questions or would you like to have some advice? Please join our afternoon 2pm Q&A sessions. You will be able to ask your questions right away. Educational- and Nestor experts from ESI will help teachers find practical solutions for their course.  You will hopefully get inspired by the questions and solutions for other teachers.

Blackboard Collaborate

The goal of this ‘’beginner’’ session is simple: to provide step-by-step instructions in creating and conducting an online lecture through our nestor-supported platform, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Various tips, tricks, and settings will be discussed as well.

Online feedback and assessment

In this workshop/webinar, we will explore a variety of strategies and tools available to you to communicate efficiently with students and provide feedback on work and assignments. Formative assessment methods that can work well in an online instructional setting will also be a large focus of this session.

Teaching tutorials online

In this webinar on teaching tutorials online, we'll take a look at a variety of small-group teaching examples from instructors' cases around the UG. Discover how some of your colleagues are structuring the sessions as well as using certain convenient tools.

Sharing Video in online teaching

A common question from teachers is, "How do I effectively share video and multimedia content with my students when teaching online?". In this session we will explore multiple options for video sharing strategies using tools in Nestor, YouTube, TED-Ed, Collaborate and more.

Structuring your online course (showcase)

Jan-Willem Strijbos, Professor of Education and Educational Research, shows in this webinar how he structures his online education in the bachelor course "Educational design".

Creating your own educational videos

Creating an effective and reusable educational video is not that difficult at all. In this webinar, learn from the UG’s MOOC (massively-open online courses) specialists as we discuss how to make short knowledge clips for your future courses. In the end, it could end up saving you time while at the same time providing students with an effective source of knowledge.

Poll Everywhere for interactive online teaching

UG teachers have access to free, premium accounts of Poll Everywhere, which is easy to use to add interaction during your online (and face-to-face) teaching. In this session, we'll look beyond the familiar multiple choice and word cloud questions, and dive into other options such as competitions, clickable images, and more via practical, hands-on examples.

Online Exams Part 1: Constructing your online exam

In this first of a two-part webinar about online exams, we take a detailed look at the latest, updated procedures and available options concerning the construction of online exams.

Online Exams Part 2: Administering, grading, and reviewing your online exam

Following last week's webinar about the construction of online exams, we now turn our attention to the administration of your exam, provide you with an overview of the available grading options in Nestor, and discuss how you can organize an online review.

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