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Blackboard Collaborate: Move your classes online

This page offers you information on lecturing online with Blackboard Collaborate. Before you begin, be sure to inform your students about lectures that might be moved online. Simply use the Announcements tab in your Nestor course to reach out to your students to give them more specific information about your course your online teaching methods. For general tips on how to move your education online see our leaflet Educational Continuity Online.

Please follow one of the following topics on Blackboard Collaborate for more information:

Blackboard Collaborate: Quick guide - move your classes online
Blackboard Collaborate: Instructional video's
Blackboard Collaborate: Setting up your online lectures
Blackboard Collaborate: Teachers' experiences

Online lectures

Each Nestor course already has a virtual classroom, called Blackboard Collaborate (BB Collaborate). You can present your Powerpoint slides and explain them to your students using a webcam or just audio. Students can enter questions in a chat window. The session can be recorded and you can publish the recording in your course. These sessions should be scheduled at the same moments as a face to face class.

To guide you through the process of using Blackboard Collaborate, please view this quickstart guide and its corresponding video below. It is advised to use the video after or with the quickstart guide because not all aspects of the quickstart guide will be demonstrated in the video. You can also use our leaflet, after you have followed all instructions from the guide, as a reminder of the most important elements of Blackboard Collaborate.

Blackboard Collaborate

More video's on using Blackboard Collaborate, setting up break-out groups or using written formula's and drawings.

Recorded lectures

If previous lectures have been recorded, they are already available on the video environment. You can choose to publish an old recording and let your students watch this first. Then, use the discussion board to post questions, provide answers and share it with the other students so that interactive teaching moments can still take place.

Other tools for online learning in Nestor

All courses should already be available in Nestor. If not, contact the Nestor coordinator of your Faculty or Nestorsupport. In the Nestor course a set of options is available to support your educational activities. If you like to extend your options, we have selected a variety of Nestor resources and other tools that can help for moving your education online: you can find them in this overview of tools

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