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Structuring your online course

Course design

Having a clear course structure is essential. A variety of activities and self-assessment is necessary to keep students motivated and to help them learn at a distance. We offer a Nestor template to help you redesign your course to make the transition to online education as smooth as possible (course example in Nestor).

If you are interested in using this template, you can ask us to replace your current course with the empty Nestor Online Course Template (option 1). If you want to keep your current course, you can also import a package into your own course. This package either contains the whole (empty) Nestor Online Course Template (option 2) or only a minor part of it: the week structure and some minor instructions (option 3). This second and third option will be more work for you to adapt your course. You can request all three options at this link.

To maintain an overview of your course set-up, it’s smart to plan on three different levels: higher level (course), medium level (week), and lower level (step ). We will deal with each level in turn.

Course design
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