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Chinese admitted students

If you have completed your previous education in China and received a letter of (conditional) admission, this page contains important information about completing your admissions procedure.

The University of Groningen has formed a partnership with CHESICC (China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center) and DUO, the national agency for higher education in The Netherlands, to receive verified transcripts of grades and qualification certificates from Chinese schools and universities. You can request these verified documents on this website. You require your University of Groningen student number to start the procedure.

Please note that the CHESICC validation acts as an official proof of your graduation documents. You may still send your graduation documents to the Admissions Office as certified hard copies by post or courier.

The documents that need to be verified via CHESICC are:

Master applicants:

  • Verification Report of China Higher Education Qualification Certificate (高等教育学历认证/验证报告)
  • Verification Report of China Higher Education Student Academic Transcript (高等教育成绩单验证报告)
  • Credentials Report of Bachelor Degree issued by CDGDC (transferred via CHESICC) (高等教育学位证书报告)

We do not accept the Verification Report of Student Record or in-school transcripts. Please only send the final reports as mentioned above in the Bachelor and Master headings.

If you require assistance, please contact the CHESICC help desk via telephone or email.


+ 8610-62166727
+ 8610-62166772
+ 8610-61139123



* China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Centre. The CDGDC verifies degrees. Please check

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