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TTO-CLIL Teacher Training



  1. In-service teachers (all subjects) who would like to upgrade their TTO CLILL skills and knowledge
  2. In-service teachers who would like to become certified TTO CLIL teachers.

Inhoud en resultaat

As requirement to become and remain a Dutch TTO certified school, TTO teachers need to teach according to the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) method. Based on an intake interview, the TTO-CLIL Teacher Training course will be tailor-made to the needs of the (future) TTO-CLIL teacher and school.

Practice, training and theory form the core of every tailor-made CLIL course. As illustration, teachers will discuss CLIL skills and methods and will develop their own teaching materials and lessons accordingly. Next, they will execute their lessons and evaluate them, using CLIL principles. In addition, they will receive hands-on feedback on a videotaped lesson from an experienced CLIL teacher trainer. At the end of this course, the teacher will have fine-tuned their CLIL teaching skills and will be able to design and teach sound TTO CLIL lessons.


Besides tailor-made courses, the EVN also offers three fixed project-based modules:
  • Module 1 focuses on CLIL pedagogy and second language development. Teachers will learn how to evaluate their students’ English, when and how (not) to correct them, how to integrate language and content, and how to develop and manage a language policy for their school.
  • Module 2 is centered around CLIL curriculum development and cross-curricular collaboration. Teachers will learn how to find ways to work together when there is little time, how to develop multi-disciplinary ways of teaching, and how to implement a backward design approach to CLIL unit planning. Furthermore, teachers will formulate a policy statement concerning cross-curricular collaboration.
  • Module 3 discusses European and international orientation, which is also a requirement for a Dutch school to become TTO-certified. Teachers will learn how to organize effective international exchanges, how to address global issues and take on an international perspective in their lessons. In addition, they will also learn how to document and evaluate the international components of the curriculum.


As this is a tailor-made course, this depends on the goals set.


As this is a tailor-made course, this depends on the goals set.


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Data, tijden en plaats

The EVN offers TTO-CLIL courses tailored to the school's needs and wishes. During an intake interview, the goals and content of the CLIL course will be determined, as well as the number of sessions, the location and dates of the sessions. Note: at the school’s request, the course can take place on site.


A quotation will be drafted based on the intake interview.

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